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Year in Review – Our Top Winning Artists for 2017

Year in Review – Our Top Winning Artists for 2017 post image

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce its “Year in Review” edition has been compiled and is now posted.  This feature reviews and promotes the gallery’s 12 top winning artists for the 12 individual monthly art exhibitions held in 2017.

In 2017 the gallery received more than 8,115+ entries for our monthly art competitions and the following artist’s and their art are what we considered to be the best 12 entries for each monthly theme. 

The gallery received a broad array of media and artistic styles throughout the year.  We tried to showcase the various media received in our art exhibitions and we hope that you will take some time to view the various exhibitions that we have posted in our Archive Section.

January 2017 – All Women – Carolyn WarmSun – “Hushed”

Carolyn WarmSun lives in the hills of Oakland, California. Carolyn grew up in rural southern Indiana and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree at Southern Illinois University and her Master’s Degree from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana.

She has worked in the field of mental health for many years before beginning a career in Organization Development Consulting. She now paints full time.

She worked with Stanley Mock from 1991-2000 to learn stone sculpting. Tendonitis in both wrists required that she stop. She then began taking watercolor classes at her local high school, followed by four semesters of watercolor painting classes at a local Community College after she retired.

Carolyn states the following about her artistic journey, “Four days in 2010 with Maxine Masterfield were the most significant and transformative for me. There I learned how to paint the essence of nature—how it makes me feel. Two week-long workshops with Katherine Change Liu, in 2011 and 2013, helped me see my painting personality and style, and to make the two congruent.” 

She continues her thoughts, “Seminars with Jeremy Morgan from 2012-present have added to my knowledge of art history and the relationship of abstract art and human consciousness. In between these events, I have amassed and read an enormous number of books on art history, biographies of artists, composition, design, and painting techniques.”  Her website is www.warmsunart.com

February 2017 – CityScapes – Keith Kimmel – “New City, Too”

Keith Kimmel’s work spans a decade, showing his diverse style and expressive use of color, conveying a sense of splendor and richness that is immediately felt. His most recent pieces come out of two series of silkscreen prints created in collaboration with master screen printer, Gary Lichtenstein.

Keith’s work ranges from abstract expressions of human and animal forms, city and landscapes to dream-like visions that incorporate whispered brushstrokes and geometric forms.

More important than the style of his paintings is the energy they express which stimulates a deep feeling of connection and grace. 

Keith’s Website is www.theartofkEith.com

March 2017 – Abstracts – Pinky Tripathi – “Harmony”

Pinky is a self-taught artist & a freelancer, who has been painting since three years. She decided to play with colours and her imagination initially, only to kill time while her kids were at school, but very soon realized that she had a deep-rooted connect with colours, paints and the canvas. She discovered the artist in herself by sheer stroke of serendipity and has not looked back ever since.

Her study of art has very much been autodidactic. As a result of her personal extensive research work in Art she has been experimenting with various textures and techniques and has produced rather unique Artworks. Art is the perfect source of stimulation for her mind. She believes that the beauty of each and every colour provided to us by nature and our surroundings is therapeutic in its own special way, which is why her Artworks are mostly bright and colourful.

Pinky’s favourite art form is Abstracts as it has no boundaries or definitions and therefore allows her to bring out her thoughts in her own unique way. She loves to experiment with textures as they help her to enhance the distinctiveness in each of her composition by adding tactile & visual variety. Acrylics are her favourite medium.  Her Email: ipsitaa_tripathi@hotmail.com  

April 2017 – Figurative – Todd Davis – “Chimera1-15-2-362”

From shooting the latest product for Anheuser Busch to photographing an interactive panorama of the fabulous Fox Theater in St. Louis, Todd Davis collaborates with clients to convey their vision through fine photography. As a top graduate of Southern Illinois University’s rigorous photography program, Davis combines his expert training with more than thirty years of experience in commercial and fine art photography to create photographs that are both captivating and original.

Not to be restricted to the inanimate, Davis has photographed celebrities including Prince, Michael Buble, Pamela Anderson, Greg Sporleder, and Ernest Trova, to name a few. Product, beverage, celebrity promotional, live performance, catalog fashion, and fine art photography are all represented in his extensive portfolio.

As a respected industry veteran, Todd Davis has been featured in publications such as View Camera, Toy Camera, and the reference book Artificial Lighting for Photography.

Davis has also been a guest lecturer at Webster University and Southern Illinois University. His fine art photography has been exhibited in prestigious galleries and museums throughout the US. Davis is currently represented by Modern Art Etc in Los Angeles and his latest works are featured in the Holly Hunt Galleries, and The Sherry Leedy Gallery in Kansas City, as well as many private and corporate collections.  His website is www.tdavisphoto.com   

May 2017 – Landscapes – JoAnn Shelby – “Poppy Field”

Creating, painting, fabric design is part of my every day. As a young child I was always drawing, cutting up whatever was handy to make my creations. Story goes that scissors had to hidden from me. My poor mother! University studies focused on fine art and clothing design, and worked in gallery after studies, selling in art fairs. While 3 sons were young I returned to school to become a surgical technologist to support myself and them. Sadly painting went to back burner. Now they are grown wonderful men and retired after 21 years I am full time working artist.

Discovered alcohol inks 3 years ago, I’m hooked. I use many mediums depending on results wanted. The inks give me flow, brilliant intense colors desired. Living in fabulous Upper Peninsula of Michigan provides unlimited inspiration. I see great Lake Superior from studio window, deep woods beckon exploration. I don’t try to make photographic representation, rather try to convey feeling I get from scene.  www.facebook.com/snowqueenstudio

June 2017 – Animals – Donna L. Byers – “Little Trumpet”

Donna L. Byers is a Canadian artist from Osoyoos, British Columbia, who has been painting since she was only three years old.

At the age of five when Donna’s painting of a giant rabbit was chosen as the ‘official’ Easter Bunny for the kindergarten class, she knew that art would be her life’s passion, just as it is for several of her family members.

Donna comes from a family of artists, designers and writers. Donna is a mother of two boys and has been self-employed most of her life in a variety of different businesses, working long hours juggling the demands of work and family. After decades of letting everyday life get in the way of her art, at the age of 58 she is finally making time to be back at the easel, and is making plans to open her own art gallery with a working studio which will not only feature her own works,, but will also showcase local artists working on site.

Donna loves a challenge and is always pushing herself to refine her skills. She spent most of 2016 doing water color pieces and is focusing this year on oils, acrylics, mixed media paintings and pet portraits. Donna’s website: www.biggerpicturestudio.com

July 2017 – Seasons – Gay Young – “Headwaters”

I choose to work in fiber because I love color and texture. While I am primarily known for my landscapes, it is color that pulls me in and texture that keeps me intrigued. Color fascinates me in its complexity and its simplicity. Combining color with the textures of silk, cotton, and linen provides almost unlimited design inspiration. Add to that the technical questions of execution and presentation, and art becomes a wonderful puzzle to solve. I dye my own fabrics and incorporate painting, screening, sun printing, and other techniques into my work in order to achieve just the right effect. Many pieces take months from conception to completion, going through several transformations, guiding my process. It is my hope to share my pleasure in these simple materials with others.

While I enjoy working with color in any media, the tactile qualities of fiber have held my fascination for many years. I dye large pieces of fabric, cut them into small pieces, then stitch them back together. Quilting adds wonderful dimension and texture. Many of my works are landscapes, as this has always spoken to me.  http://www.gayyoungart.com

August 2017 – Botanicals – Marti White – “Mums”

Marti White is a mixed media artist working in Tucson, Arizona. She works in both abstract and representational subject matter. Marti is mostly self-taught with the help of many artist mentors and workshops. She has always been interested in creative outlets, whether in the home or the studio or the classroom. Her work is eclectic and covers a broad spectrum of media and subject matter. Marti enjoys working without a lot of preplanning, beginning with color and medium and letting her tools take her where they want to go. The result is a spontaneous expression of her inner self. Marti works in watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, and collage. Her work has evolved over the years and she tends to find working abstractly or at least less literally as time goes by.

Recently Marti has worked in series. Her series of Apertures has reached her goal of twenty pieces. These are intended to draw the viewer into the painting or collage so that they can find their own story beneath the surface of the work. Her other works include a series of Scarab Beetles and another of Dragonflies. Marti is easily bored with one approach to her work and loves to experiment with a variety of “what ifs.” She is open to using new techniques to play with. These may include papers she has never used before, media that is new and interesting, new methods of preparing papers for collage work, experimenting with various types of transfer methods, acrylic inks, metallic and acrylic polymers.

Marti teaches classes in collage in the community. She also volunteers her time in various arts oriented organizations. Marti is a signature member of the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild. She is a signature member of the Contemporary Artists of Southern Arizona which she served as president for two three-year terms. She is a signature member of The International Society of Acrylic Painters and a member of The Contemporary Art Society, an arm of The Tucson Museum of Art. She is a member of the Arizona Watercolor Association, an associate of The Drawing Studio in Tucson and a member of PaperWorks: The Sonoran Collective for Paper and Book Artists. Marti’s work is shown locally and nationally in juried exhibitions.

To Marti art is an expression of the soul. Her website URL is www.artbymartiwhite.com

September 2017 – Open – Christopher Lane – “Koi”

Religion, politics and human conflict are all important themes in Christopher Lane’s body of work. His images evoke moods and memories inspired by real life, and which cause a remarkably compelling narrative. He is always looking for new visual symbols to reflect an emotion or ideal.

Christopher Lane was born in 1968 in Minnesota. He was inspired at an early age by regional artists such as Thomas Hart Benton, Andy Warhol, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Roy Lichtenstein. His early teenage years were spent living in Cairo, Egypt. Here is work was influenced by the great architecture, sculpture, use of symbolism, hieroglyphs and the expressive colors used in their paintings.

During this time period Christopher discovered he had dyslexia and furthered his education at the GOW School in South Wales, New York. It was here that Christopher received encouragement and guidance from Fine Arts teacher Bill Parsons. Upon leaving the GOW School, Christopher spent a year living in Paris, France which fueled his creative instincts further.

Christopher returned to the States and pursued his art degree at Eastern New Mexico University. Christopher has now made his home in South Carolina where he continues to use fantastic imagery to turn his life experiences into visual stories such as you will find here. He is inspired by surrealist artist Salvador Dali and Hieronymus Bosch.

Christopher’s work has been shown in galleries in both Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina and is currently featured in the Blessed Valley group exhibition through Tootsie Fine Art & Design in New South Wales, Australia.  His website:  www.laneartworks.com

October 2017 – SeaScapes – Cori Carroll – “Two Sails”

Cori Carroll has been photographing the Atlantic Ocean from her South Florida home for four years. She has been painting for one year, under the guidance of a soulful teacher. Her photographs and paintings interpret and capture the sea, sky, and land in Florida, USA. As Cori relates: “Most days the clouds roll in and transform endlessly while the pelicans and seagulls play with ease or travel with purpose. From sunrise to sunset, the colors outside go from light yellow and gray to bright orange and blue to the whites of the clouds in the sky and whitecaps on the waves, ending in the soft or deep pinks of sunset.” 

When photographing, she only has to look up and out. She sometimes wonders if the viewer will believe a picture real, as she notes that the Florida clouds are often unbelievable!

When painting, she translates these views to canvas or Yupo paper or board with acrylic paint, often using palate knives and sponge brushes, and sometimes adding touches of pastel or oil paint pen. For special touches she uses fan brushes and a Japanese brush. Cori explains: “As everyone who has spent time at the beach knows, there are a variety of feelings that the seashore evokes. Sometimes it’s peaceful, other times it’s exciting or thrilling, as when a dark storm approaches.” 

Cori is often surprised by the particular photographs and paintings selected as favorites by folks, and she loves to hear their explanations from the evoked memories, and to hear details of the times of their lives. Then she sees her own work with their stories incorporated. This has been an unexpected benefit to her in her young artistic career.  Cori’s website is https://corinne-carroll.pixels.com

November 2017 – Nature – Lori Dunn – “Here, Today…”

Wildlife artist Lori Dunn is one of Canada’s foremost scratchboard artists. After earning a degree in zoology, she spent many years as a zookeeper and naturalist. These years of experience gave her a deep appreciation for the need to protect habitat and endangered species.

Lori resumed the artistic endeavors she started as a child, finding a way to combine her artistic ability and her desire to conserve nature. Most of her artworks are accompanied by a narrative serving to educate others on the conservation status of the species and its importance to our environment.

The medium of scratchboard allows for incredible detail and quality of light in the black and white image. Using only the tip of a surgical, or xacto blade, every line is meticulously etched into a white clay layer coated with black ink.

Lori Dunn’s scratchboard artworks have garnered National and international recognition. She is a signature member of The Society of Animal Artists, and has achieved her master title from the International Society of Scratchboard Artists. Many of her works have been exhibited in museums and galleries across North America.  Her website is http://loridunnart.com

December 2017 – Patterns – William Nourse – “Terra Incognita II” 

Will Nourse is a landscape photographer known for his use of color and texture to bring his outdoor experiences to life.

He has been an avid photographer for almost twenty years, and his work reflects a lifetime of hiking, backpacking, climbing, skiing and sailing, all of which have given him a deep appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.

He held his first solo exhibition, entitled ‘Moods and Motion: Exploring the Icelandic Landscape’ at the Newburyport Art Assocation in July 2017.

He has exhibited in juried shows at the Cambridge Art Association, the Newburyport Art Association (NAA), 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles, CA and various online galleries. Recently, he exhibited in the Cambridge Art Association’s National Prize Show (2017), his image ‘Seljalandsfoss #2’ was selected as Best in Show for Photography in the NAA’s 20th Annual Regional Juried Show (2017) and his photo ‘Vestrahorn #1’ won the Newburyport Development Award for Work in Photography in the NAA’s 2016 Fall Member’s Juried Show Part II.

Will’s work can be found online at www.willnourse.photography

2017 Year in Review – Our Top Winning Artists

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