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Year in Review – Our Top Winning Artists for 2015

Year in Review – Our Top Winning Artists for 2015 post image

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce its “Year in Review” edition has been compiled and is now posted.  This feature reviews and promotes the gallery’s 12 top winning artists for the 12 individual monthly art exhibitions held in 2015.

In 2015 the gallery received more than 7,950+ entries for our monthly art competitions and the following artist’s and their art are what we considered to be the best 12 entries for each monthly theme.  The gallery received a broad array of media and artistic styles throughout the year.  We tried to showcase the various media received in our art exhibitions and we hope that you will take some time to view the various exhibitions that we have posted in our Archive Section.

Animals – Dec. 2015 – Overall – Frances Tyler – “The Herd”

Frances Tyler has over twenty years of experience as an advertising, art and design professional. She earned a Bachelor of Science, Communications; Advertising from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Frances has always enjoyed art and design. From an early age she loved to create beautiful things, often drawing her inspiration from nature. Her work is often colorful, energetic and includes strong graphic elements, influenced by her background as an Art Director and Graphic Designer. She works in many mediums including watercolor, acrylics, sculpture, mixed media, illustration and drawing.

An active member of the local arts community, Frances belongs to several Art and Professional organizations. She is a Certified GOLDEN Artist Educator.

Frances states this about her artistic journey, “I’m known for my curious nature and short attention span. Using those attributes to my advantage, I explore and experiment with many different mediums while focusing on subjects that I love. I’m always trying new techniques and striving to grow as an artist and instructor. I happily share my boundless enthusiasm for art and discovery with my students.

My work tends to be representational but I try to capture the spirit of a subject rather than a “snapshot.” Currently, much of my work is centered on raising awareness and protecting endangered and threatened species. My goal with each of these paintings is for the viewer to form an emotional connection and an appreciation of the animal’s importance.

While my artwork and interests vary widely, my conservation and community efforts are nearest to my heart.”  www.AdArtDesigns.com

Botanicals – November 2015 – Laurie Hein – “Red Hat Girls”

Laurie Snow Hein is known beyond her home of Florida reaching audiences around the world. With pieces varying from tropical landscapes and botanicals to animals in action and fine portraits, her work appeals to art aficionados across the board. The canvases burst into life with sparkling light and brilliant color forming breathtaking and dramatic scenes. Laurie has chosen to benefit certain charities: she paints wild horses, allowing the purchaser to benefit by donating half the painting’s cost to the Wild Horse Sanctuary of Choice. Lover’s Key in Florida as well as other Charities will benefit with a tax deduction for the purchaser when certain art selections are purchased.

Laurie grew up in South Florida, took her first art class at Norton Museum of Art when ten years old. At age twelve, she began instruction with retired Illustrator and portrait painter in Lantana, Florida, Graham Ingels, till graduation from Clewiston High School in 1967. Columbus College of art and Design awarded her with a full scholarship.

Her professional career started 26 years ago. As a mother of six, she was suddenly in the position of supporting the family solely on her art abilities. What had been a part time job teaching art and painting to earning extra income for the family, became a full time career. Observing her talent at an early age, her father had told her not to become an artist as they were too poor and couldn’t make a living. Laurie was destined, and blessed by God, to flourish in the art world despite her father’s advice. She balances her time painting with teaching art classes, workshops, illustrating a number of published books, accepting portrait commissions and at the same time creating tropical oil paintings that are exhibited throughout the nation’s top 100 art Festivals. Student at the Everglades Club and Lost Tree Village have enjoyed her teaching skills for the past 25 years.

Along with original paintings, beautiful Giclees can be created and hand painted to design custom art in various sizes at affordable prices specifically for each client’s needs. Make an appointment for an office or home consultation and estimate at your convenience.  www.laurieshowhein.com

SeaScapes – October 2015 – Evalynn J. Alu – “Turbulent Flow”

Evalynn J. Alu was born and raised in Los Angeles. She received her degree in art at California State University, Fullerton in 1982. Having gone through a long representational period she gradually discovered a need and fascination with objective abstract form mostly derived from the universal forces that are forever present. Experimentation with her pallet as well as with her application soon became her focal point. Gradually layering paint using many techniques associated with watercolor and oil painting allowed Evalynn to create her feelings and moods present at the time. Experimentation and very seldom using a brush led her to achieve rewarding results. Her hope is that her work will allow viewers to discover for themselves what their own mood or lifestyle pulls from each piece.

Her artwork has been exhibited in numerous solo and juried exhibitions. She has won competitions at both local and international levels.

Evalynn states, “Perfecting ones technique while experimenting is always a part of my work. Creating movement filled with the emotion of the moment becomes an intriguing experiment for me. I am always searching for answers in my art. I know, should I find these answers, my need to create might no longer exist.”  http://www.evalynnjalu.com

Open – September 2015 – Marti White – “Marks”

Marti White is a mixed media artist from Tucson, Arizona. Her work is exhibited nationally and locally. Marti works in watercolor, acrylic, collage, assemblage and other mixed media.

Marti is a Signature member of the Contemporary Artists of Southern Arizona which she served as president for six years, a Juried Member of the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild, a Signature Member of the International Society of Acrylic Painters, an Associate of The Drawing Studio and member of the Contemporary Art Society, an arm of the Tucson Museum of Art.

Marti’s work is an expression of her inner self. She seldom plans her work, but lets it evolve. Her work is sometimes representational, but often abstract. http://www.combymartiwhite.com.

Nature – August 2015 – Belle Stone – “Tiger Tiger”

Belle was born and raised in the Riverland in South Australia. While at school she studied art and music, eventually going on to study Film at Flinders University. After a few years of working, Belle trained as a teacher, specializing in Visual Art and taught for four years in regional South Australia. During this time she exhibited her art in the Riverland as part of the annual SALA Festival. Now Belle divides her time between her part time teaching job and her artwork.

Belle loves to explore different media and has developed skills across a variety of different formats, with an interest in scratchboard, however she still has a soft spot for the more traditional art of painting and graphite drawing.

Horses are her passion, finding the beauty in the curves, musculature and tones. Belle also enjoys working from her own photography and is available for commissions providing her own photography services to work from.  Her website is www.bellestoneartwork.com  

Figurative – July 2015 – Thalia B. Vernet  – “Double Skin”

Discover the photographic work of Thalia B. Vernet is like diving in sensitive arcane depths of human…

Any of contemporaneity, photography is her material to capture the emotion in its purest spontaneity to capture the brilliance of a moment. When looking at her works, whether of a black and white portrait, of a horse’s head, a naked man’s body, a forest landscape, which grabs us first is its sensuality.

Thalia B. Vernet fully owns her art, mastering the technical, engaged both digital and film that according to her stylistic choices, it invents its own aesthetic, wishing to arouse the question in looking at, to challenge its imagination, and confuse reality in a setting reminiscent of an informal stage.  

The artist invites us to a free circulation of intelligible and different looks between dream and reality, the artist legend her job, listing the body postures; former ballet dancer, Thalia B. Vernet canned a taste for an inspired gesture, also interpret nature and landscapes in a very personal identity, using the acute shadows and light for a unique picture with mystery and passion like life. 

Thalia B. Vernet is these innovative artists beyond the photographic process erects an intimate story in which being printed artifacts emotions but also his vision of humanity.  www.facebook.com/ThaliePhoto

Abstracts – June 2015 – Anne Neidhardt – “Reed Flute Cave”

Anne Neidhardt came to Canada from Scotland at the age of nine. She has lived since then in Toronto and has a husband and two children. After a long career in nursing education, genetic counselling and health care administration, she has found a new career as an artist. She is currently a member of four arts organizations and shows her work in juried and non-juried exhibitions.

This is what Anne has to say about what painting means to her, “Art for me is about visual communication – emotions, moods, beauty and sometimes sadness. The human narrative is important to me and I love paintings that “tell a story”. I try to create evocative compositions that reflect the human condition. There are times when my imagination takes over. I am often drawn to the old, lonely or mysterious. I paint impressionistic landscapes, narratives and abstracts in acrylic, watercolour and mixed media. With an eclectic mix of subjects I try to elicit a response of recognition in the viewer of a time, a place, a person or a feeling. I hope to add to the viewer’s observations about life.

I love the feel of the paint as I use brush or palette knife on a variety of supports. Just moving paint around is a joy. The freshness and transparency of watercolour and the challenge of controlling the paint is exciting. The textures and vibrant colours of acrylic paint offer endless creative options. Experiencing life and travel is a privilege and keeps art fresh. Creative discoveries allow for the development of new styles and subjects.”  View Anne’s website and blog at www.anneneidhardtart.com

Landscapes – May 2015 – Ken Bennison – “El Chile”

Upon retiring he decided to take photography to the next level. He created a challenge to create fine art with his camera. To photograph those special moments that is found in nature. His specialty being wilderness landscape scenes.Ken Bennison was born in Kearney, Ontario February 22, 1948. At an early age he had a love for the outdoors. As he grew up this turned into camping and fishing on weekends. He always had a camera on hand to record the various trips to the wilderness.

Ken created a blog about his art and travelling that to this day has received 1,262 followers. Ken has received 34 International and national awards for his work. Ken also is a poet writing about the ways of the wilderness. He has published 3 books to date. His website is www.kenben.org  

CityScapes – April 2015 – Winston Rockwell – “Seattle Nocturne”

Winston Rockwell has been involved in photography since the early 1980’s, when he purchased his first “serious” camera, a Pentax ME Super 35mm SLR.

Winston is a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, and he currently lives in the Puget Sound region of Washington State. This area is rich with opportunities (in spite of the gloomy, rainy weather for half the year!), and offers an outdoor photographer a wide variety of environments. Within three or four hours’ drive from his home, he can be at the seashore, surrounded by sagebrush or rolling farmlands, in a rain forest, or high in the mountains.

He finds the beauty and variety of nature far more appealing than man-made subjects, and he loves to spend his free time capturing that sort of beauty with his photography.

Winston prefers natural subjects for his work – landscapes, seascapes, streams and wildlife. He states this about his photography, “I strive to capture the beauty and variety of nature in images that encourage an emotional response to the world around us, whether it’s the tranquility of a gentle stream, the awe-inspiring grandeur of a majestic alpine vista, or simply a renewed appreciation for the beauty of an everyday object.”

His images have appeared in newspapers and magazines, a calendar published by a local botanical garden, and on postcards and motivational posters.  Winston was honored to have one of his photos printed in Nat’l Geographic Magazine. www.northwestnaturalimagery.com

All Women – March 2015 – Kathryn Hansen – “Wise Guy”

Kathryn Hansen lives and creates in California.  She expresses her artistic journey, “It’s been a very natural journey for me to blend my love and devotion of animals with my passion for art. They have both been powerful forces in my life since childhood and a never ending source of inspiration in my art.”  

Kathryn continues her thoughts, “Light, textures, spirit, and emotions are the foundation of my work, which I feel are best expressed through the simplicity of the pencil. Using high contrast and textural variations achieve not only a likeness but adds a richness and depth to each drawing by stripping the subject matter down to its very basics.”  

Kathryn’s travels to Africa have greatly influenced her work. “Being surrounded by such stunning beauty and the majesty of Africa, I was able to see the most spectacular wildlife in the world.” Her website is http://www.kathrynhansen.com

Photography – Feb. 2015 – A. Paranavitana “Darkened Introspection 3”

Andrew’s work often takes two avenues of theme: a darker, sometimes scary world of unseen nightmares, and a nostalgic playground of warm memories, much safer and happier than the former. Always looking further than traditional methods of photography, digital manipulation allowed Andrew to communicate and share his view of the world. A constant need to lace his work with elements of obscure visions, Andrew delivers visuals the viewer can connect with on multiple levelsInternationally, Andrew was given opportunity to exhibit work in USA, at Skyward – The world Above Us, an exhibition held at Gallery 1650 in Los Angeles. His vision today is to capture the world as we know it, and present it in a way that we may not.Andrew Paranavitana is an independent photographic artist, residing in Melbourne, Australia. His driving passion for photography began in 1994. Since then, Andrew has exhibited works throughout Australia. 

Through the use of deep, earthy tones and rich textures, Andrew aims to communicate a sense of dark, emotive mindsets and thought processes. Inspired by the teachings of Carl Jung, psychological symbolism and personal experience, Andrew has created this series as an analysis of our subconscious and the negative emotional responses that live – often unchecked – within.

Andrew’s future holds many opportunities through studio work, creative collaborations and the long term goal of opening his own creative space to share with like-minded photographers and fellow students from RMIT. Andrew’s website www.andrew-paranavitana.comistwebsites.com

Seasons – January 2015 – Cynthia Fleury – “Winter Waves”

Cynthia Fleury is a Minnesota photographic artist. Her passion is experimental photography and creative processes/mixed media and techniques such as digital/acrylic painting, infrared photography, light painting, digital hand coloring, and other techniques.

Cynthia studied art and over the years has painted in acrylic, oil and watercolor. Her interest in photography as an art form began in 1998 when she studied photography at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Her digital artistry began in 2004 when digital image capture became a more viable art form than traditional film photography. She most recently has been combining the photography with the traditional physical painting art form.

Cynthia’s work has been in many exhibitions and is in collections throughout the world. Recent exhibitions include The Viridian Artists Gallery NYC, NAWA Gallery NYC, New York Center for Photographic Arts, World Photographic Gala Awards Malaga Spain, Bloomington Center for Theater & Arts MN, Hopkins Center for the Arts MN, and Arts in Harmony MN. Her website is www.cynthiafleury.com  

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