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Year in Review – Our Top Winning Artists for 2014

Year in Review – Our Top Winning Artists for 2014 post image

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce its “Year in Review” edition has been compiled and is now posted.  This feature reviews and promotes the gallery’s 12 top winning artists for the 12 individual monthly art exhibitions held in 2014.

In 2014 we received more than 7,500+ entries for our monthly art competitions and the following artist’s and their art are what we considered to be the best 12 entries for each theme.  The gallery received a broad array of media and artistic styles throughout the year.  We tried to showcase the various media received in our art exhibitions and we hope that you will take some time to view the various exhibitions that we have posted in our Archive Section.

Open – December 2014 – C.J. Cairns – “Pearl Earring”

C.J.Cairns is a UK based artist living and working in the East Anglia countryside. As a self-taught artist with a background in animation, 3D and publishing graphics, C.J.Cairns has worked with numerous media but now creates all of her artwork on a digital tablet. Her work tends to fall within the genre of surrealism and symbolism.

As an artist C.J.Cairns works directly from a digital tablet, creating pieces through numerous stages. The first stage is the planning and construction of a 3D scene. This is followed by the digital painting of the scene, including the painting of wallpaper, water or skies. The 3D scene is then lighted like a theatre stage to focus the audience’s attention on the fine detail/message within each piece. Emphasis is placed on the detail: details which are worked into each piece to intrigue the audience each time they look closer. Gradually the piece is developed by layer upon layer of painting, switching between painting, lighting, painting and then texturing. Finally the work is digitally painted and prepared for printing. Being digitally painted, all the artworks are printed by a fine art master printer.

Further and more information, e.g. on exhibitions and latest works can be found on C.J.Cairns’ website is www.ccairnsassoc.co.uk.

Nature – Nov. 2014 – Geraldine Simmons “Black & Light” 

Geraldine Simmons was born in London, England 1959 and lives on Sydney, Australia’s northern beaches with her husband and two children. She has a deep respect and passion for animals and the natural world specializing in mixed media and now scratchboard.

Before she draws Geraldine sets out to capture the true nature and essence of her animal subjects by paying close attention to the eyes. Her mission is to communicate that the world’s animals are not just mere commodities; to be exploited, used or forgotten.

Gaining signature membership to the Artists for Conservation was one of her proudest achievements. She has also won awards in international juried art contests for wildlife works and illustration, as well as being featured in publications including the Artists for Conservation hard cover book.

Geraldine has exhibited her works both nationally and internationally in a selection of group, juried and invitational exhibitions. Her works are held in private collections throughout Australia and abroad as well as in a selected collection in Sydney.

Throughout her career she has received invitations to both exhibit and donate artworks to well-known wildlife conservation and animal protection campaigns.

One of Geraldine’s most profound and awe-inspiring experiences was traveling to the remote areas of Indonesia to witness orangutans in the deep jungles of Borneo. Inspired by this trip she founded the Riding for Rangas charity bike to raise funds and awareness for non-profit organization Friends of the National Parks Foundation.  www.geraldineswildlifeart.com  

Abstracts – Oct. 2014 – Mandy Thompson – “Natural Flourish”

Mandy Thompson draws inspiration from the transcendence of the natural world, and is influenced by anything from Monet’s passionate colors to Erin Ashley’s bold compositions. Her pieces are loose abstractions that pull away from realism to capture the essence of nature. Mandy’s paintings include colors that reflect the vitality of life, textures that communicate the physicality of nature, and strong lines with open spaces that evoke a sense of freedom. Life at its purest is good; Mandy’s artwork is an invitation to engage in the natural beauty of life.

As a life-long artist, Mandy’s current obsessions include mixed-media and art journaling. She fell in love with a preacher in 2001 and they make their home near the Georgia coast, where life is almost always sunshine and rainbows.

Mandy vulnerably shares her life and faith through her art, and has the pleasure of being an art journaling instructor in her local community. In her spare time, she diligently finds ways to inhale and feed her soul, in order to offering something of truth to the world.  http://mandythompson.com  

SeaScapes – September 2014 – Judith Brandon – “Take it All”

Judith Brandon is an artist who lives and creates in Cleveland, Ohio with a primary focus in mixed media on paper.  She focuses on techniques and materials, whereby she will investigate the dynamics of weather and landscape, including the emotional effect of the limits of our ability to cope with catastrophe.

Judith explains her artistic process, “Rather than presenting a factual reality, I fabricate an illusion to conjure the realms of our imagination. Each piece has a story and an emotion within it.  Through thoughtful crafting and layering, the pieces reveal themselves as tornadoes, ocean swells, light pillars and storms.  By exploring the concept of landscape in an emotional way, I try to heighten the dynamic between the audience and myself.  Like nature, emotion is mutable.  The most important element I work with is emotion – it drives my vision.  Suspending a breaking wave is like trying to describe happiness or grief—there are no defining edges, you just ride through it.” 

Judith graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1987.  Her work has been exhibited in many national juried exhibitions and included in several international publications. In 2013, she had a piece exhibited in the National Weather Biennale in Norman, OK, and she also had two solo exhibitions: one at Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA, and the other at Kenneth Paul Lesko Gallery in Cleveland.

Judith is represented by the Kenneth Paul Lesko Gallery in Cleveland, OH. Her website is http://www.jmbrandon.com

Animals – August 2014 – Ed Anderson – “Scarlet”

Although born in the Canadian Maritimes and raised in Manitoba, Ed has spent all of his adult life in Alberta on the Canadian prairies. Ed’s early education was in science and he spent most of his working life as a geophysicist.

Inspired by his artist mother, Ed also pursued a growing interest in art. Exploring the relationship between science and art and the role of creativity and design in each has been a central theme in Ed’s art. Ed has been fortunate in receiving instruction and mentoring from several professional artists. With his technical career behind him, Ed now pursues art full time. 

Growing up on a farm instilled a love of the outdoors and animals in Ed. His early interest in hunting led to an interest in hunting dogs and their relationship with their human partners. Ed has been involved with sporting dog field trials for many years, both as a competitor and as a judge.

Hunting dogs of all breeds are a strong theme in Ed’s art. Ed also has an interest in portraying African wildlife and has made several trips to Africa to study its wildlife and peoples. Ed’s art is based on his own photographic reference acquired during his many travels.  www.ceandersonart.com

Botanicals – July 2014 – Annie Wang – “White Peonies”

Annie Wang was born in Kaifeng, China, one of the seven ancient capitals of China. In this ancient city, Annie developed her love for art through her creative mother, who was ingenious with her handwork. Annie taught herself to paint in her childhood; she enjoyed painting everything she saw with beautiful designs and flowers that might be on a bowl or a vase.

As a 16 year old, she was admitted to the Art Academy of Henan University, the highest art institute in Henan Province and she graduated in 1994. She also studied the traditional Chinese ink painting techniques from Professor Hao Dawei, the son of the famous painting artist Haoshilin. 

In 2007 Annie immigrated to America and has lived in Los Angeles since then. Filled with nostalgia for her hometown and family in China, she finally came back to her love of art. Annie usually buys flowers every week, and paints them while they are fresh and beautiful. She gets her impressions from the masters in Chinese history, but she paints her flowers using her own style. Her composition and style are elegant with freshness and vitality. Annie feels that nature is an artist’s best teacher.

Annie developed her love of flowers with intelligence and inward spirituality. She has finally returned to her career to be an artist. She paints every flower differently to attract many types of patrons who love her style of painting, which is making her a popular artist. She has been focusing on Chinese ink painting of botanical painting in the Chinese art tradition. From her blossoming flower paintings is emerging her own personal style. http://anniewang.foliohd.com  

Landscapes – June 2014 – Helen Shulman – “Field of Vision”

Helen Shulman has been a high school math teacher, a social worker and psychotherapist. Helen says that, “each position which I was involved in, I found informative and satisfying.  I was very fortunate to be able to attend the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to receive training in painting and drawing. My work is influenced by rural Ohio where I grew up in the midst of an Amish community, by the painters of the Hudson River School and by what I learned from the writings of Carl Jung, which provided the intellectual underpinnings for my therapy practice.”

Helen shows her work at the Kobalt Gallery, Provincetown, MA; Pryor Fine Arts, Atlanta, GA; West Branch Gallery, Stowe, VT and Allyn Gallup Contemporary, Sarasota FL. Her work is also in many public and private collections across the United States and in Europe. http://helenshulman.com

Figurative May 2014 – Carson Kapp – “Iris Goddess of the Rainbow”

An artist and architect, Carson Kapp’s exuberant spirit shines through each mixed media composition with an emphasis on dynamic movement. The foundation of her passion for art is rooted in her years at Tulane University, graduating with a Master of Architecture degree and becoming a registered architect. Ignited by the perennial charm of The Big Easy, Kapp’s work captures the spontaneity and emotion of life, which marries the linear and curvilinear. Her design process builds upon her knowledge of the history of art and architecture.

Among her recent credentials, in 2014 Kapp earned the prestigious Carl Steinsieck award, monetarily equivalent to the best in show, for the Annual figurative exhibition of the St. Augustine Art Association.

Kapp has exhibited in Florida at such venues as Orlando’s Gallery at Avalon Island. Her art is rapidly earning major awards and critical acclaim in media outlets, such as the News-Journal; and is quickly becoming known internationally, placing in the “top ten” for the annual animals exhibition in the light space & time international online exhibition.  Carson’s website, http://carsonkapp.weebly.com/

All Women – April 2014 – Dafna Aloni – “Liberated Heart”

Born in 1965 in Israel, Dafna Aloni has been surrounded by art ever since she can remember. Her father was a sculptor and her grandmother was a painter. One of her earliest memories is of herself as a little girl, crushing colorful beer bottles that were popular in Israel of the 70’s, and creating mosaic pieces on glass panels. However through her growing years, her career took a turn into a completely different path in the para medical field.

Fast forward, Dafna is a Southern California resident, once again back with her old love – Art. She started making and selling custom jewelry pieces, but really came to life when a close friend bought her a birthday gift in the form of an art class.  Dafna specializes in portraits and cityscapes, and works in her own techniques, mainly led by intuition. ”The painting pretty much dictates itself”, she says, “At times I would feel drawn to a certain color rather than another”.

Dafna’s reflections of the present moment, and her hopes for the future are represented in her paintings – she often adds symbols of love to her artwork, numerous of her paintings contain a heart symbol.

Dafna’s wish is to create paintings that are a window into the unlimited imagination. She says”If people look at my work and feel an immediate inner thrill, joy, or if it touches an aspiring heart, than I’ve done my part…”  Her website is http://facesnplacesart.wix.com/dafnaaloni

CityScapes – March 2014 – Frank Welte – “Passage”

Frank Welte is a self-taught photographer. Frank is based in Massachusetts and prior to devoting himself to photography he held several positions which included astrophysics, medical physics, and now radiology.

Frank shot film on an SLR in the 1990’s and started studying photography before his time was consumed by medical school. When he saw the light of day again, digital sensors had greatly advanced and he made the switch to digital photography. Frank has an eclectic style, utilizing any elements needed to realize his artistic vision.

Frank states regarding his photography, “I’m always trying to learn something new.”  His website is http://fjwelte.500px.com/

All Photography – February 2014 – Terry Pellmar – “Dune Fences”

Terry Pellmar is a Maryland based Digital Artist, striving to capture the magic of the world around her, whether she is walking in the local park or traveling the world. Her serious interest in art and photography started with her first 35 mm SLR and a friend’s darkroom while she was a student.

A career in science put her artistic pursuits on hold. After retirement, she discovered that darkrooms were things of the past and she immersed herself in the new digital approaches. She enjoys playing with light and using digital techniques to transform her photographs and reveal her vision.

Terry states this about her works, “In my artwork, I strive to capture the magic I see in the world around me. A photograph is usually my starting point, but with digital techniques I transform the original picture to reveal a different view – my vision.”  http://tpellmar.wix.com/digital-creations

Seasons – Jan. 2014  – Marie Dancy-Brennan – “Christmas Season”

Marie Dancy-Brennan is an artist living and creating in San Diego, California.  Marie expresses the following about her art, “Art is the outward expression of inner vision. It opens the mind to endless possibilities as an expression of our untapped, unexpressed and even unexpected emotions. My artwork is an exploration of line, color and shapes. Sometimes I create paintings, sometimes I prefer taking photographs and finally, sometimes I create a digital manipulation of both mediums.”

Marie has a graphic arts degree from San Diego State University and she has been involved in the art community, painting, teaching, and selling her art for almost 40 years. Marie states this about her art career, “The opportunity to show my art work on line offers exposure to a vast new audience, and it is a wonderful new outlet where I have found new success. To me, art is about exploring my inner world, using line, shape, color and shadow and is a continuing adventure for me.”  http://www.zhibit.org/mdbrennan


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