Riaz Auladin, Port-Louis, MUT

I just wanted to say these few words as a thank you note for the Honorable Mention Award, that I received for my entry into the CityScapes Painting Competition 2014.

It’s great to have such competitions running regularly on your site. It gives us artists the chance to compete on an international level. The entry fees are very much affordable and forms and means of payment together with posting of digital images are effortless. 

I am a returning participant, as I was awarded a “Special Merit” award for the Botanicals Painting Competition in 2013. As an artist I always believe that it’s a waste of talent if you cannot get an audience. This is why I was much carried away in joy to see that everyone can see my painting on YouTube and on other websites where LST have been promoting the event. 

It is needless to say that everything done is of a high standard, be it the selected works, communication, press release, Facebook promotion, and of course I really love the fact that I have a printable digital certificate sent to my inbox.

I will surely return back again. Thank you again and keep up the good work. Regards.

Riaz Auladin –