Louise Rouleau (L'OR), Québec, Canada

John Math thank you for this great news for me today. Even more touching because the surface I'm working on is a very capricious one because made of crushed stone. (Terraskin is the name). I wish you could see those painting in real because in photo you lose more than half of the effects created by so many superpositions of colors, changing depending from which side you look at the subject.

Just to say that in the case of  “Waiting at the Corner”, in this painting when you close the lights in the room the light in the glasses in the painting open and you see then a night scene.

The fact that I won those two prizes is making me a very proud and happy artist today! Those cityscapes were created for a special project that my husband and agent, proposed to me 4 years ago and that I completed last year in 2017.  Again thank you very much!

Louise Rouleau (L'OR) -  www.lorartiste.com 

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