Francine Fanali, Santa Monica, CA

I wanted to write and thank you for recognizing my work on your site. I am honored and very excited to have received a Special Recognition Award for my Ipad drawing of “Scarlett”

It is a huge risk to enter any competition and as a fairly new “full time artist,” I am pushing myself to get my work out there as often as I can. 

Your Animals competition was perfect for me at this time since I seem to be doing a lot of pets lately which has been a lot of fun. It’s actually a nice break from the “seriousness” of painting because it’s so loose and carefree. And then to receive an award for it, well, I am thrilled. It’s definitely a confidence booster! 

But beyond that, your site has so much valuable information for artists and for me in particular, since I have never wanted to market or “bother” with that end of the art world. Your site makes it doable with simple steps to take since all the information is right there. 

It is very much appreciated and I will pass it on to my artist friends who share the same feelings I do about self-promotion.  Thank you.

Francine Fanali –