Carmen Traub, Canada

Dear John, Wow, thank you so Very much for your email! I am so surprised that I received an Award Ribbon, and the certificates, which are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for making them so special.

That was very unexpected (as was being included in the Gallery at all!!!). Again, the certificates are wonderful, and since they are such good quality, I can print them out and frame them. I am so very grateful for this special opportunity that you provided for me, and all of us animal fanatics!

Also, thank you for providing a wonderful way for us to show our heartfelt expression for art and our passion for animals. And thank you so much for the helpful resource link. You have given me a spark of hope, and I am deeply grateful.

I have two family members who are photographers, and I will be encouraging them to submit their work to your competitions.  With much sincerity, 

Carmen Traub –