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Solo Art Series Archives – YouTube Videos

Solo Art Series Archives – YouTube Videos post image

The following archive is of Light Space & Time’s Solo Art Exhibitions, YouTube Videos.  Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery (LST) created the Solo Art Series to help emerging 2D and 3D artists (including photographers) advance their art careers.

The Solo Series took place within a competitive atmosphere.   Winning artists were juried into a series of one month, online solo art exhibitions.  Each solo artist was promoted on a worldwide basis through the LST website, in email distributions, with 1000+ individual international press releases and extensive social media marketing.

In addition, the gallery posted on Artsy.net the winning artists.  The LST Artsy.net page will feature 5 pieces of the artist’s art, a small artist statement and their website URL’s as part of the gallery’s overall prize package.

Artsy.net averages 2 million visitors a month and 46% of Artsy users who have purchased art via Artsy started out as art enthusiasts rather than preexisting collectors.   By having their artwork placed and marketed on Artsy.net, LST artists will have a distinct advantage in terms of exposure, marketing and SEO of their art through the Light Space & Time/Artsy.net gallery partnership.

Winning artists for each month will be promoted and circulated to over 1000+ News Outlets, Premium FOX, CBS, NBC, CW Affiliated Sites, 500 TV & Radio Sites, 250 Regional & Industry Sites and Social Media Inclusion through Kjprnews.com.

The competitive process considered not only the quality and depth of the artist’s work but also an evaluation of the overall entry presentation, including the artist’s biography and artist’s statement.  

Below, is the gallery’s Solo Art Series YouTube Video Archive;

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