Nature Art Exhibition - Special Merit Category

The art which was selected for the Special Merit Category is any art that we believe could have also been placed in the top tier of the entries selected for the various media categories. The only reason that this art was not selected for the top tier was due to the size constraints of this particular competition. Otherwise, the Special Merit art, in many cases, is interchangeable with any of the best art that we selected.

The Special Merit awards are being selected from both media categories. We have always stated that we thought that there were many entries in this category that could easily be considered for the top tier and this is our way to recognize these artists, along with their outstanding art.

All winning entries will now be featured on the Light Space & Time website for the month of August 2015 and thereafter, the artworks and the links to the artist’s websites will remain online in the Light Space & Time Archives. Congratulations to our artists who made our 5th Annual “Nature” Art Exhibition so successful this month. At any time, we invite our winners and other interested visitors to link their websites to the Gallery’s archive page for further ongoing promotion.

The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery will have digital “Nature” Award Certificates, Event Postcard, Event Catalogue and Press Releases sent to you within the next week or so. Thank you for being part of the gallery.

Below are the artists who have been recognized in the Special Merit Award Category and below that listing is the Slide Show for all of the artists in the Special Merit category. To return to the Nature Page here.

Alyson Appleton - "Emory Peak Trail" -

Danielle Austen - "Misty" -

Cortez Austin - "White Striker" -

Faye Barber - "Fearless Heart" -

Robyn Bazemore - "Strutting for the Ladies" - Artist's Website

Robyn Bazemore - "Delicate Landing III" -

Carol Boles - "Great-horned Owl in Flight" -

Pam Borrelli - "Water Shadows" -

Eldred Boze - "Window Plants" -

Tom Bradley - "Just Browsing" -

Tom Bradley - "NVM" -

TLynn Brentnall - "Kindred Spirits" -

Elizabeth Burin - "Mt. Rainier, Melting Snow" - Website

Jennifer Carr - "The Three Tetons" - Artist's Website

Laurie Cartwright - "Talkeetna River Trio" - Website

Shaoqiang Chen - "Fun in the Lotus Pond Looking From Heaven" - Website

Margaret Chwialkowska - "Crimson Reflection, Ottawa River" - Website

Valerie Cozart - "Fairy Tale Dreams" -

Steffen Faisst - "Stairway to Heaven" -

Susana Falconi - "Resting Tiger" -

John Fleck - "Tree Roots, Monhegan Island Maine" - Artist's Website

Stephanie Funke - "Trunks" -

Eileen Glorney - "Love the Crows!" -

Rachael Grant - "Miasma" -

Kerye Hartzell - "Grace" -

Kitty Harvill - "Mico" -

Jan Henderson - "Schoal of Grunts" -

Cynthia House - "Rajastan Royalty - Bengal Tigers" - Website

Sheryl Hughes - "I Can still see You" -

Karen Hull - "The Curious Visitor" -

Studio Iva - "The Princess" -

Merrin Jeff - "Dandelions in the Wind" - Artist's Website

Gregory Kluempers - "Creek in Acadia NP Maine" - Website

Martina Krupičková - "Odd One Out" - Artist's Website

Terry Kruse - The Challenge" -

Joshua Langley - "Meg" -

Barbara Leven - "Freerange 2" -

Amber Maida - "Above, Below (Silver Lining)" - Website

Anita Marci - "Pretty Bird" -

Frances Marino - "I Never Know" - Artist's Website

Susan McCulley - "Elephant" -

Kelli McNichols - "Sandhill Crane" -

Gaylord Mink - "Eagle Landing" -

Lisa Mishler - "Sea Creature" -

Melinda Moore - "Illumination" -

Swapna Namboodiri - "Its Raining" - Email

Lesley Omara - "Blue Rabbit" -

Kathy Pallie - "Autumn Aspens" -

Anne Palmer - "Midnight Song" -

Pokey Park - "Red-legged Frog" -

Pokey Park - "Kit Fox" -

Charith Pelpola - "A Force of Nature" - Artist's Website

Barbara Pickering - "Sea Beauty" -

Jacquelyn Reid - "Reflections" - Artist's Website

Kristi Richter - "On the Hunt" -

Karen Robey - Botanicalia "Jack Rabbit" - Artist's Website

Kathy Roman - "Stand " -

Wendi Schneider - "Tri-Colored Heron" -

Lanny Sherwin - "Hawkeye" -

Geraldine Simmons - "Pensive" -

Elle Smith - "Bird of Paradise" -

Joel Sobelson - "Vanishing Species" -

Debra Spence - "Scarlet" -

Dia Spriggs - "3 Raccoons" -

Lucy Storrs - "Sleeping Goose, Watchful" -

Lewis Testa - "Hope for the Future" -

Rayna Todorov - "In the Ocean Net" - Artist's Website

Rayna Todorov - “Siblings" - Artist's Website

Annie Wang - "Lotus Pond in Summer" - Artist's Website

Walter Weaver - "Fish Watching" -

Marti White - "Dance of the Ferns" -

Marti White - "Santa Rita Prickly Pear At Sunset" - Website

Gary Wiesner - "Snakeskin" -

Daniel Zukowski - "Bear Silhouette" -

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