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LST Online Art Gallery Accepts 3 Dimensional Art

LST Online Art Gallery Accepts 3 Dimensional Art post image

The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery (LST) is pleased to announce that they will now accept 3 dimensional art (3D Art) into their future online art competitions.  In the past, LST decided not to accept this type of art, as many presentations of 3D art were below their standards in quality for publishing art on their website.

3D art which will now be acceptable for entering into their online art competitions will be sculpture, collage, pottery, relief type art, kinetics, installation art, assemblage, crafts, carving, glass, jewelry, paper and related media, as long as the art which is entered is in keeping and related to the gallery’s theme.  The 3D Art that the LST Gallery will accept for entry into their online exhibitions must still be presented professionally and at an acceptable high quality. 

The LST Gallery receives many inquiries every month about accepting 3D Art and we hope that this policy change regarding expanding acceptable media will help the 3D artists to increase their venues to a much larger and quality audience of viewers.

We have put together a small post on how to photograph 3D Art properly and we hope that any artists who choose to enter their art in the gallery’s online art competitions will read and review these helpful ideas.  Here is a link to the post “Photographing 3 Dimensional Art the Right Way”.

If you know of any 3D Artists or of any art organizations who may be interested in this announcement, we hope that you will make them aware of this news by forwarding this post to them.  

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