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LST Gives Artists Best Exposure Per Alexa.com

LST Gives Artists Best Exposure Per Alexa.com post image

As of March 15, 2014, the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery (LST) was ranked by Alexa.com as the highest and most popular online art competition gallery on the web.  Through this ranking, it shows that LST provides the greatest and most far reaching exposure for any artists who participate and place in any of their online art competitions.

This world ranking was measured against 20 of the most popular online art competition art galleries throughout the world by Alexa.com.  Alexa is the leading provider of free, global web metrics. Anyone can search Alexa to discover the most successful sites on the web by keyword, category, or country.

What is the benefit to an artist who competes, has their art chosen and is displayed on the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery website?  The number #1 benefit is that LST has the most far reaching and greatest coverage for its artists and art competition participants.  The LST website, through its promotions, social media marketing and online marketing generates more visitors and page views than any other online art competition gallery.

Recently, it was reported that the LST gallery had more than 1,700, 000 page views.  This milestone was achieved through a total of 571,000 visits to the LST website and it was attained through 405,000 Unique Visitors.

The following is a report based on data culled from Alexa.com which details results of the ranking (world ranking) of 20 of the most popular online art competition galleries, in terms of visitors, page views and time spent on their website. In addition we included the average entry fee for each site, based on the cost of submitting five (5) entries, per each site;

Rank xx Art Gallery Name xx World Ranking* XXxx Entry Fee** xx
 1.    Light Space & Time       232,000     $  4.00
 2.    Art-Competition.net           387,000     $10.00
 3.    Art Scene Today       454,000     $  6.00
 4.    Projekt30    1,753,000     $  3.00
 5.    Exhibition Without Walls    2,584,000     $  5.00
 6.    My Art Contest    2,745,000     $  8.00
 7.    contemporaryartgalleryonline    3,461,000     $  6.00
 8.  artquenchgallery.com    3,603,000     $  7.00
 9.  Upstream People Gallery   3,694,000     $  7.00
 10.  Photo Place Gallery   4,797,000     $  6.00
 11.  ArtAscent
  4,878,000     $  9.00
 12.  Still Point Art Gallery
  6,320,000     $  7.00
 13.  Raebecgallery
  7,264,000     $  9.00
 14.  Leading Artists Gallery   12,302,000     $10.00
 15.  Infinity Art Gallery
      12,965,000     $10.00
 16.  Show Artists
  12,977,000     $  7.50
 17.  focuspointshape
  19,878,000     $  8.00
 18.  artistneed   NEDTR***     $10.00
 19.  OnlineArtAward   NEDTR***     $  5.00
 20.  The Art and Tea Gallery   NEDTR***     $  5.00

     World Ranking – Based on All Registered Websites
**    Entry Fee – Based on the Average Cost of 5 Entries
***  NEDTR – Not Enough Data to Record (Per Alexa.com)

The average World Ranking for the above online art competition gallery’s stands at 8,018,000, with median ranking at 4,797,000.  The average entry fee cost (Based on 5 Entries) is $7.13 and the median entry fee cost is $7.00.  Several of the sites require membership fees and other costs in order to be apart of their gallery.

Recently, it was announced that Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery according to CoolSocial, the Website Social Media Analyzer, that the LST online art gallery ranks highest among all other similar “Online Art Competition” websites with CoolSocial. LST achieved a “CoolSocial Score” of 100, out of a possible 100, based on their website’s amount of “Likes”, “Shares” and “Tweets” which originated from the content on the LST website.

The above information from Alexa.com, CoolSocial along with the average cost of the entry fees, provides further evidence of the cost effective. far reaching exposure and coverage that Light Space & Time can provide to any artist who is looking to expose their art to a worldwide audience.

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