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Linkedin’s “Skills” Endorsement Feature for Artists

Linkedin’s “Skills” Endorsement Feature for Artists post image

All artists should become acquainted with Linkedin’s newly launched “Skills and Expertise” endorsement feature. Basically, this feature provides any readers and viewers of a Linkedin profile to get a quick view of that person’s outstanding abilities, capabilities and professional expertise. This article will provide an overview how an artist can take advantage of this new marketing and promotional feature.

By setting up your skills on your Linkedin profile page you are allowing your connections who visit your profile to “endorse” your skills and expertise within your professional niche. Your connections can endorse the skills that you placed and listed on your profile or your connections can also suggest and endorse other skills and expertise that you may not have considered or listed for your profile.

This skills feature allows you to endorse someone’s skills and expertise much more quickly than the original Linkedin “Recommendation” feature which takes time going back and forth between both parties to the recommendation process making sure that is written well and is finally accepted.

To set up your Skills and Expertise for your Profile go to the More tab in the header and the dropdown will have a “Skills and Expertise” tab. Click on this and follow the prompts to begin placing skills on your profile page.

The following is a quick review on how to endorse someone’s skill or expertise on Linkedin:

1. Go to the Connection’s Profile and scroll downward to the Skills & Expertise section.

2. Click on the name of the skill, or the + symbol for that skill.

Your name and profile image will then appear next to that skill on that connection’s profile.

When the skills are endorsed, two things will then happen:

1. An update regarding the endorsement will appear in both connections’ network streams.

2. A notice will be sent to the person who’s skills and expertise that you just endorsed, notifying them of such action.

You will also have the ability to suggest and endorse multiple skills for that connection too. The proposed skill needs to be approved by the connection first before it will show up on the profile and in their network stream.

The manner by which the skills endorsement feature is set up and functions is a great way to stay in touch and network with your current connections. With email notifications to the connection that you have endorsed one of their skill(s) they are being reminded of your presence and it is a great way to stay in touch, renew your connection with them or just to say thanks!

When you are notified that someone has endorsed one of your skills, you have the ability to quickly make contact with them and to thank them for their efforts. Remember, that “turnabout is fair play”, go to their profile and do the same for them, as Linkedin has made it very quick and easy to reciprocate in this process.

Today, this is what “social networking” is all about. By doing this you are not only helping them to expose their skills and expertise to their connections, but also to everyone else on their Linkedin streams. Take advantage of this skills feature, as it is a very quick and effective way to network within Linkedin, especially when you do not have a lot of time.

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