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Light Space & Time Has 100 Score from CoolSocial

Light Space & Time Has 100 Score from CoolSocial post image

John R. Math of the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is very pleased to announce that according to CoolSocial, the Website Social Media Analyzer, that their online art gallery ranks highest among all other “Online Art Competition” websites.

CoolSocial is a Website Social Media Analyzer which can be used to analyze and measure a website’s impact through social networks. According to the CoolSocial website, “At the origin of the Internet links were basically a signal of “likes”. In a way, so likes, tweets and shares now have the natural explicit meaning of links. CoolSocial is an analyzer you can use to improve your site social media impact. You can also check for your competitors”.

As of June 1, 2014, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery achieved a “CoolSocial Score” of 100 out of a possible 100, based on the gallery’s website’s amount of “Likes”, “Shares” and “Tweets” which have originated from their website, https://www.lightspacetime.art. Based on the score of 100, this score ranks highest, compared to similar online art competition websites. In addition, CoolSocial can also assist in Keyword Analysis and Web Search. Their service can be located on the internet on http://www.coolsocial.net.

The benefits of a high “CoolSocial Score” are many. However, the main benefit to an artist is that the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery will provide that artist with the highest amount of exposure throughout the mainstream social media outlets and platforms. In addition to a heavy social media exposure and presence, Light Space & Time provides the winning artists with extensive worldwide publicity and email marketing in order to help drive traffic to the artist’s website.

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