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LST Chooses Submittable to Administer Art Entries

LST Chooses Submittable to Administer Art Entries post image

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery (LST) is pleased to announce they have chosen Submittable, the online submission platform, to receive and administer the gallery’s art competition submissions.  This change will become effective July 1, 2014.

Submittable is an international online platform that provides administrative processing of entries for art organizations. Submittable provides these services for most creatives, specializing in writing, film-making, art, photography and grants. 

Based in Montana, Submittable was founded in 2009.  Presently, they provide administrative services to more than 7,000 organizations. Their website is http://www.submittable.com

John R. Math, Gallery Director of Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery explains the rationale for this change. “As our online art competitions have become more popular and are now on a large international scale, we want the artists who compete to have their entries administered 24 hours a day. The Submittable platform provides this function efficiently for us”. 

Math goes on to say, “We have wanted to upgrade our entry system.  In Submittable we’ve found a simple and effective method for artists to participate in our future competitions.  In addition, the platform will allow the gallery to employ guest judges and eliminate the server and upload problems that sometimes occur close to the entry deadline”.

Math, continues, “With Submittable’s easy registration (Name and Email Address Only), any artist who registers will be able to access any of their entries, as well as be registered automatically for any other competitions on the Submittable platform.  We are very excited about these changes. We believe our artist participants will see the immediate benefits of using the Submittable entry platform”. 

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