Landscapes Art Exhibition – Overall Category

Landscapes 2014 Online Art Exhibition - Overall Winning Artists CategoryThe Overall Winning Artists Category consists of the 10 Best Entries received from the 2 media categories of the Painting & Other Category and the Photography & Digital Category.

All winning artists will now be featured on the Light Space & Time website for the month of June 2014 and thereafter, the artworks and links to the artist’s websites will remain online in the Light Space & Time Archives. Congratulations to our artists who made our 4th Annual “Landscapes” Art Exhibition so successful this month. At any time, we invite our winners and other interested visitors to link their websites to the Gallery’s archive page for further ongoing promotion.

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1st Place – Helen Shulman – “Field of Vision”

Helen Shulman has been a high school math teacher, a social worker, and psychotherapist. Helen says that “each position which I was involved in, I found informative and satisfying.  I was very fortunate to be able to attend the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to receive training in painting and drawing. My work is influenced by rural Ohio where I grew up in the midst of an Amish community, by the painters of the Hudson River School and by what I learned from the writings of Carl Jung, which provided the intellectual underpinnings for my therapy practice.”

Helen shows her work at the Kobalt Gallery, Provincetown, MA; Pryor Fine Arts, Atlanta, GA; West Branch Gallery, Stowe, VT and Allyn Gallup Contemporary, Sarasota FL. Her work is also in many public and private collections across the United States and in Europe.

2nd Place – Ken Bennison – “Vermillion River”

Ken Bennison was born in 1948, in Kearney, Ontario, Canada. As a young boy Ken moved to the Sudbury District with his family. He graduated from Cambrian College as a Civil Engineering Technician. In 1980, he was hired on with then, E B Eddy at their sawmill in Nairn Centre. Ken became a Sawyer and retired after 28 years of service.

Ken states the following about his art and photography, “With the idea that photography is a creative art, not just a medium for communication of reality, I am able to have creative control over all my images. My first love is to canoe and hike into wilderness locations to enjoy the pristine beauty and peacefulness that can be found in our vast wilderness.  While I am there I am able to capture many of the scenic views that I have in my expanding portfolio. 


3rd Place – Sidhartha Pani – “Lands End”

Art has been an essential part of Sidhartha Pani’s life for many years, especially after a completed a course at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. Sidhartha’s initial paintings featured strong brush strokes on canvas with oil, but it was a texture that captivated his interest in creating fine art.

Sidhartha explains the following about his art, “I love painting landscapes but tired quickly of conventional shades and colors. A very realistic painting to me was like a photograph. I wanted a painting to look and feel like a painting. That is when I started using coats of paint with the palette knife, coupled with thick brush strokes. My paintings are mostly scenes from the New England area, and I try and capture the wonder of the four seasons, particularly the brilliance of the fall colors, the starkness of the winter months, and the warmth and joy of summer.” Recently, Sidhartha’s art gone in a new direction, where he has started expressing himself by working on varied abstract themes.

4th Place – Susana Berdecio – “Marsh at Dawn, West”

Susana Berdecio has integrated photography in many ways throughout her life. The lifetime partnership began after one photography class, which is the extent of her formal training in photography. She began by photographing her surroundings and has returned to that focus. She documented her thesis with photographs of chimpanzee facial expressions and gestures; she photographed other primates, archaeological artifacts, bones, and teeth; she photographs friends and family though portraiture remains a challenge.

Susana made the transition to digital photography and now tries to express her deep appreciation of the natural world by capturing the light and trying to recreate an impression of a location. She seeks to encourage awareness of the environment, of the simplicity of beauty and the importance of light. She has shown her photographs in the Charleston, SC area; her images can be seen on her website:

5th Place – Katsu Nakajima – “River of Brown Bear”

Katsu Nakajima is from Osaka, Japan, and he now lives in Chiba, Japan. He studied chemical engineering at the Doshisha University. Though his major in the university was not related to art, he went the way as a graphic designer after the graduation.  As a graphic designer, his works were significant, winning a number of prizes for such as the silver medal of Brunnow International Poster Biennial in the Czech Republic while he was active in the advertising industry in Japan.

When he turned into the fifties, he started to aspire the way of fine art. He actually learned drawing from the basis and then began his career in oil painting.

First, his first work of landscape oil painting won a prize for the Japan Fine Arts Exhibition. Moreover, in the same year, he won three prizes one after another. It is really rare for a painter to win more than three prizes in an initial year of his career in Japan.

This is the first time for him to publish his work in the U.S.  His landscape painting gives you a feeling as if you were in the landscape, touched the wind and smelled the water.  He expects that his talent will ripen more in the western historic art and cultures.

6th Place – Ann Hopkinson – “Desert Vista”

Ann Hopkinson is a lover of water, whether it is as a painter, a kayaker, a skier, and a scientist. Ann is very much an adventurous outdoor person, who spends much of her non-working time exploring rivers and mountains on skis, in boats or on foot. She loves both watercolor and acrylic and paints frequently en plein air near her home in the Rocky Mountains.

The act of painting a place gives her a strong and lasting connection with that place and time, and she strives to convey to the viewer the joy, awe, beauty, or whatever emotion is evoked from these special moments and unique scenes. Many of her paintings, including abstracts, are done from her imagination but stem from an idea or impression she got while outdoors.

Her training has been from workshops, study, and practice. She loves the simplicity and serendipity of watercolor, as well as the strong colors and versatility of acrylics. To see more of her work;

7th Place – Olivier Bezombes – “The Red Cabin”

It’s from the sea that everything began. When Olivier was young, his grandfather told him his campaigns and made his dream of far countries. In the French Navy for more than 20 years, Olivier has sailed over most of the seas of the world, and he has covered all the continents. He had seen some of the most beautiful things and some of the biggest disasters, the excessive and the simplicity.

Watching his photographs, it’s almost watching the world through the eyes of a seaman. But it’s not only a long contemplation of the sea world.

His artistic work is based on a poetic imagery in which a diversity of subjects meets. It is said that each picture is a message. So some pictures can, if they are correctly set in music, illustrate thoughts and stories. Photographs after photographs, Olivier builds a story that he wants to tell you.

8th Place – Arturo Gonzalez – “Zion”

Arturo Gonzalez is a photographer who was born and raised in Chicago, IL. Arturo was inspired to pursue photography via the wonderful photos in numerous publications and websites that he viewed.

Arturo states this about his love of photography and the outdoors, “Photography has allowed me to capture the beauty of an object at that exact moment in time. Landscapes, downtown architecture, nature, and sunrise/sunset scenes are some of my favorite pieces to photograph.”

Arturo’s travels have allowed him the opportunity to see how spectacular this planet is. Via his photography, it is his hope to catalog the uniqueness and beauty of this world. His website;

9th Place – Howard Sills – “Darklands 3”

Howard’s work deals with color and space. It provides a visual arena for reflection and contemplation. He works in many mediums and many of his works are held in private international collections.

In addition to using more conventional mediums, Howard has worked extensively in mixed media, incorporating real flora, mostly garden flowers, and other found natural objects such as bark, feathers, stones and other beautiful objects. He works these into compositions using spray paints, acrylics, and oils. These pieces, being natural, are subject to decay and are therefore then made into giclee prints using archival fine art paper and archival pigment inks for outstanding print quality. In so doing, a thing of natural ephemeral beauty is made permanent.

There is a sense of stillness in his work that perhaps reflects the years he spent living in Japan where the beauty of space and stillness is itself a sought-after aesthetic. Though still, many of the pieces are heavily saturated – the colors vivid and striking. Others provide a space for contemplation and for thoughts to develop and flit around.

10th Place – David Patterson – “Spring Thaw”

David Patterson is an artist living and working in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. David is a very diverse artist, creating soft pastel paintings, digital photography, and colorful glass sculptures. Most of David’s pastel work leans towards Realism and usually conveys an image of calmness or wonder. Though each painting, glasswork, or photograph, has a special meaning to David, He wants the viewer to walk away with their own emotions from the work – in this way they also become part of the creative process.

David obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Washington State University in 1976, where he specialized in graphic design and photography. David’s inspirations do not just come from many of the great masters, but from the artists, he has studied during his education.