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“Landscapes” Art Exhibition – YouTube Video

Landscapes Online Art Competition – El Chile

Our art competition for April was the 5th Annual “Landscapes” and 2D and 3D artists (including photography) from around the world were called upon to make online submissions for possible inclusion in to the Gallery’s May 2015 online group art exhibition. 

The “Landscapes” theme was considered to be any art which depicted the natural world, outdoor scenery, geographical environments’ and related landscape subjects for inclusion into this art exhibition. 

Lori McNee was the gallery’s Guest Judge for this competition.  Lori is a professional artist and a social media expert.  She specializes in still life, and landscape oil paintings.  Her website is www.finearttips.com.  Below are her thoughts on this competition and her rationale for selecting the art for each media category.  

“Art is subjective, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore while judging this landscape art competition, I was mindful of the judging criteria as per this contest rules in order to choose the top ten in each media category. As a fellow artist, I understand how it feels to be juried. I did my best to put my personal tastes aside, and was as objective as possible.”

Lori continues her thoughts, “The competition included different mediums ranging from representational to abstract interpretations of the landscape. This was a challenge for me. Nevertheless, the same basic principles apply in all types of art. So, I also based my decision on the overall mood, composition, interest, tension, and the impression the painting or image left in my mind.”

This art competition and the submission process and competition for the artists began in March 2015 and concluded on April 26, 2015. The gallery received 598 entries from 19 different countries from around the world, including Australia, Austria, Barbados, Canada, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Morocco, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.  In addition, the gallery received entries from 37 different states.

Congratulations to the artists who are the winners of the gallery’s “Landscapes” art competition. You can also view the entire “Landscapes” Online Art Gallery Presentation Here.

Below is our YouTube Video Presentation.  Please consider joining and subscribing to the Light Space & Time’s YouTube Channel.

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