Important Art Gallery News

I want to let our artists, long-time readers, and followers know that I am retiring from the LST gallery for health reasons.  This was a tough but necessary decision. 

In order to keep the Light Space & Time Online Gallery going, Fusion Art will be acquiring the website.  Fusion Art is a company that shares our philosophy of helping artists to market, promote and sell their art to an international audience.

Fusion Art has assured me that they will maintain the integrity and quality of the website and exhibitions.  They plan to keep the gallery format and pricing and have committed to providing quality competition and exhibition opportunities to new and emerging international artists. 

For the next 6 months, I will be helping Chris and Valerie Hoffman, the new owners, with the maintenance and operation of the website, running of the competitions and, of course, the creation of the online exhibitions. 

I look forward not only to helping them but also to following all of you, our LST artists, as they lead the Light Space & Time Art Gallery website into the future. 

It has been a tremendous pleasure working with you.   John R Math