Quick Tips on How to Get Your Art Noticed Quickly

Every day we get inquiries from artists asking us how they can get their art noticed.  If you are like most artists, you do not have enough time to create, promote, market and sell your art. I do believe that there are some relatively easy ways for an artist to promote their work on a daily basis.  Here are some ideas and tips that should make promotion easier and more effective for any busy artist;

  • Only post on the following social media networks; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest. 
  • These 5 social media networks are the most popular, most effective and least time-consuming networks in which to participate.
  • These networks lend themselves to showcasing and art promotion since their medium is a marriage of visual marketing and visual art.
  • All 5 networks should also be monitored by the artist. Any reactions, comments, and shares should be acknowledged by the artist.  Anyone who is not in the artist’s current network should be invited to connect or join by the artist.
  • Build and increase these 5 social media networks with other artists, art galleries, and art related professionals.
  • Whenever you post something, always include an image or video to draw the reader’s attention to your post.
  • In any post, always provide a link back to your website, your art event, your blog or your article post.
  • Post articles three times a day. 1. Morning 2. Noon 3. Early Evening. People are active on their social networks in the morning, at lunchtime or at night.  This proposed schedule covers all those users.

Nothing to post?  Find an interesting art related article and post that.  See who comments and shares.  Connect with them and their followers.  The artist who does this every day will build a network of followers and get their art noticed quickly.