Art Exhibition Archives

The following is the archive of Light Space & Time’s successful monthly art exhibitions. Each archived month showcases the winning artists from our themed monthly competition. The archive displays the Overall winning artists, First Place through Fifth Place winners along with Honorable Mention artists for each media category.  In addition, the gallery has a Special Merit award category and a Special Recognition category. We include links to the winning artists’ websites.

Due to the volume of entries and their outstanding quality, we have expanded some winning categories and added a Special Recognition Section. If you know any 2D or 3D artists, including photographers, who might wish to enter Light Space & Time’s art competitions, please send them a link these pages with the Social Share Buttons at the bottom of the page.  Thank you.  

Before each show, as the entries come in to be processed, we realize how talented the participating artists are.  Each month we are dazzled by the quality of the art we receive. Our past exhibitions are collected on the Light Space & Time YouTube Channel in slideshow video form as well as in a free event catalog which is provided to each participating artist.