Botanicals Art Exhibition – Overall Category

Botanicals & Floral 2013 Online Art Exhibition - Overall Winning Artists CategoryThe Overall Winning Artists Category consists of the 10 Best Entries received from the 2 media categories of the Painting & Other Category and the Photography & Digital Category.

All winning artists will now be featured on the Light Space & Time website for the month of August 2013 and thereafter, the artworks and links to the artist’s websites will remain online in the Light Space & Time Archives. Congratulations to our artists who made our 3rd Annual “Botanicals” Art Exhibition so successful this month. At any time, we invite our winners and other interested visitors to link their websites to the Gallery’s archive page for further ongoing promotion.

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1st Place – Barry Seidman – “Mango Calla Lilies”


Barry Seidman is among the top advertising photographers in the USA, as well as an award-winning television commercial director. He was educated at Pratt Institute in New York and spent several years as an Ad agency art director. His work has contributed to numerous award-winning national as well as local advertising campaigns.

Barry has had many one-man fine arts shows in New York City and South Florida as well as contributing to numerous group shows. His work is held in many public and private collections. 


2nd Place – Marti White – “Azaleas II”

Marti White is a mixed media artist from Tucson, Arizona. Her work is exhibited nationally and locally. Marti works in watercolor, acrylic, collage, assemblage and other mixed media.

In addition, Marti is president and Signature member of the Contemporary Artists of Southern Arizona, Juried Member of SAWG, Signature Member of ISAP, Associate of The Drawing Studio and member of the Contemporary Art Society, an arm of Tucson Museum of Art.

Marti’s work is an expression of her inner self. She seldom plans her work but lets it evolve.


3rd Place – Susan Werby – “The Light Above”

Susan Werby is a Photographic Artist raised in Boston, Massachusetts and currently residing in Virginia. Originally trained in the medical field, Susan later returned to her true passion for Photography and Art.

Today, she examines the world around her, merging Photography and Art, using the photograph as her “canvas”, while applying textures and colors to create a story. She strives to take the viewer with her to a magical world, allowing one to step in and look around.

Some of Susan’s work can be seen here: “Faded Memories”- cover art of CD on Record Label Bomba Records. “Golden Fairytale”- Book cover art of soon-to-be-released Slavery’s Exiles: The Story of the American Maroons by Sylviane Diouf.  Artist’s Website


4th Place – Linda LoPilato – “Queen of the Night”

As a young girl, Linda discovered doodling as this helped her concentration and since that time, she has never stopped doodling. Ultimately, this evolved into her art, as Linda still finds shapes fascinating, as well as the use of color to define those shapes and patterns intriguing. She is passionate about painting flowers, cityscapes, and mandalas.

With the explosion of cactus blossoms in the spring always inspires and motivates her to focus on the organic geometric patterns in nature. The geometric logic used in her paintings was influenced by the technicalities of a computer career. After she finishes a painting, she reproduces it into a black and white line drawing on the computer and shares it with others to color. She believes that art should be an interactive process and technology is there to assist in this end.

Linda loves the artist’s way of life, as it encourages her to search for the extraordinary in the ordinary, enjoy the lights and darks of everyday life, find harmony, and discovering the symmetrical patterns in seeming chaos.

5th Place – Bettina ”Star-Rose” Madini – “Zinnia”

Bettina ”Star-Rose” Madini was born in Berlin, Germany, and she spent her years growing up in this dynamic city. In 1992, she moved to Luxemburg and pursued a career in the corporate world. Bettina resumed her art education in 1998 in Luxemburg at the Ecole d’Art Contemporain and studied with Jean-Marc Tossello. In 2003, she moved to New York City where she continued her studies at the National Academy School of Fine Arts. There, she further developed her skills in painting and drawing with teachers such as Susan Shatter, Sharon Sprung, Henry Finckelstein and Wolf Kahn. She has been living and working as an artist in Wisconsin since 2004.

Bettina’s paintings are energetic, colorful and free-spirited. Her fascination is color, and each painting will start with a range of colors that draw her into the process. The painting will unfold from there, be it abstract, floral or visionary. ‘I paint a flower if it calls for me to paint it!’ she says. ‘A flower is alive, moves and breathes with the sun and the wind, and so am I while painting it!’ Bettina’s paintings can be found in corporate and private collections in Europe, Australia and in the United States.

6th Place – David Quinn – “Lily Hidden Beauty”

Over the years, David’s interests have primarily centered on creating landscape and botanical images with an occasional venture into architectural and street photography. In many of David’s photographs, he strives to evoke an emotion, raise an uncertainty or create a sense of movement either by isolating key elements or by blurring the subject matter. David states this about his photography, “My goal is to share an experience that I found captivating and to encourage the viewer to pause and reflect upon a visual drama in our world.”

He goes on to expand his thoughts, “As a self-taught photographer I have learned to enjoy the entire process of shooting, post-production work, and printing. Each step is part of the journey towards sharing my work with others. Entering shows on a national level has taught me to be more critical of my images and to reflect upon the meanings that I wish to convey. To me, a photograph has so much more value when it is seen by others.” His website

7th Place – Peggy Martinez – “Grace”

Born in Rochester, NY and raised in Puerto Rico, Peggy acquired a love for bright Caribbean hues and a love for flowers. Known for her special attention to light, detail, and color, the artists primary subject are floral paintings in watercolor, acrylic or oil. She doesn’t consider herself a watercolorist or tied to a specific medium, she allows her muse to choose the medium.

Her florals are more than a subject, where the relationship of a flower imitates life cycles of motherhood, death, and survival. She considers herself a cross between the strong will and colors inspired by Frida Kahlo and the sensuality in florals from Georgia O’Keefe.

Her work has appeared in American Art Collector, won local awards and received media attention for her solo exhibit “Gift of the Rose”. The exhibit was a dedication in memory of her sister and to raise asthma awareness.

8th Place – Danielle Austen – “Currents”

Danielle Austen is a New Jersey award-winning documentary fine art photographer. After earning her BFA from Cornell Univ., Danielle worked as a graphic designer before attending the Master’s program at the Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Comm., in photojournalism. She now combines her skills to create her fine art imagery.

Working for newspapers and magazines, she has been published locally, regionally and nationally, including the 2002 issue of “Life’s, The Year in Pictures.” She has participated in more than two dozen national juried exhibits, a joint exhibit and will have a solo show of her Everglades project next year at the Everglades National Park.

Danielle states this about her art, “As a documentary fine art photographer trained both in journalism and the fine arts, I am bound to seek honesty in my subjects and to communicate the spirituality of the moment. My work focuses on documenting intimate portraits and unexpected views of the landscape… and to tell their story. As an artist, I also try and capture the emotion of what I feel while I am in the scene. I search for what many may see as ordinary and use the lens to discover the extraordinary.”

9th Place – Elly Hobgood – “Flirting With Spring”

In 2003, a long and fulfilling professional career in nursing ended and painting – an avocation – became an obsession for Elly Hobgood. Before long, folks would comment that her art “made them smile.” and with that, Elly was hooked on creating art!

Over the years Elly has been very fortunate to study with some very talented artists – both regional and internationally known for their talents like Tom Landreth, Anne Abgott, Judy Morris and Charles Reid, to name a few.

Elly says this about her art, “My camera is always with me and I look for the extraordinary color and texture in the often overlooked, “ordinary” things. Inspiration often occurs in unlikely places, then I use transparent watercolor to translate my images. I’ve been lucky to win many awards across the southeast, and my paintings have helped me make many new friends.”

10th Place – Mitchel Barrett – “Rainbow Drops”


Mitchel Barrett is the owner of Mitchel Barrett Photography based and located in the central Texas area. Although he primarily photographs people and events, Mitchel also enjoys being creative and trying to find inspiration in nature.

Mitchel states this about his photography and art, “Some of the most interesting things to capture are leaves since they are so intricate and full of detail.” With every photograph, Mitchel endeavors to tell a story so as to express the same feelings that he experienced while capturing the moment.