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ACS Seeks Donations to Increase Art Opportunities

ACS Seeks Donations to Increase Art Opportunities post image

CHICAGO, IL, July 25, 2016 – / Renée LaVerné Rose is pleased to announce that Arts & Cultural Strategies, Inc. (ACS) is seeking tax deductible donations to its ACS Giving Campaign. 

The ACS Team is dedicated to increasing artists’ opportunities which ACS programming deliveries through culturally enriching exhibitions and international cultural exchange projects.

In order to increase ACS giving capacity, ACS is proud to announce the approval by the Fractured Atlas Board of Directors for the fiscal sponsorship program! Fractured Atlas is a well-known 501(c) (3) public charity arts service organization www.fracturedatlas.org located in New York, NY.

Through the Fractured Atlas Fiscal Sponsorship program ACS can accept tax-deductible donations for our exhibitions and international cultural exchange projects.  Donate online now by credit card at www.theacsculture.com/#!donate/lfmaa.  Your donation will assist with ACS arts and cultural exchange projects. Project details at www.theacsculture.com/#!the-acs-culture/feh0o.

For any questions or additional information please feel free to contact the ACS Team at contact@theacsculture.com.  We are so very grateful for all contributors for supporting and investing the arts and cultural exchange projects globally.   Arts & Cultural Strategies, Inc. – www.theacsculture.com

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