Artist Testimonials

The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is extremely gratified and rather overwhelmed by the encouraging feedback that we have received from artists all around the world who have participated in our themed online art competitions and online exhibitions.

Since 2010 the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery has encouraged new and emerging artists to enter our themed art competitions, without regards to their experience or education in the art field.

The following is a sampling of some of the positive thoughts and feedback that we have received from our art competition and art exhibition gallery artists.

We cannot say thank you enough for your kind thoughts and words about the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery.  We are glad that you are a part of the gallery!


Adrian Giuliani, Scotch Plains, NJ

I was delighted that my piece, “Alyssa”, was awarded 2nd place in the painting category and 5th place overall in the All Women 2013 Competition.  Participating in these competitions and being involved with the Light, Space & Time Online Gallery has been so rewarding for me.  Truly! John Math really goes out of… Read More “Adrian Giuliani, Scotch Plains, NJ”

Adrian Giuliani

Jane Wright, Manchester, UK

Thanks so much for your e-mail, the certificate and all the links. There is so much helpful information and advice in your e-mail, I will definitely read up on the all the social network and marketing advice. I already do some of it but I know there is always more that I could… Read More “Jane Wright, Manchester, UK”

Jane Wright

Stephanie Taugner, IN

I just want to personally thank you for giving artists a way to promote and show their art to the public. I loved your story about the difficulties for artists in getting their work seen, and I appreciate you and your online gallery very much. If the world had more people like you,… Read More “Stephanie Taugner, IN”

Stephanie Taugner

Richard Wong, B.C., Canada

Just a quick note to thank you for your monthly art competitions. The promotions, information and advice you provide artists are immeasurable in value. For example, I have had some success in the local art market, however it was not until I started winning various awards through your art competitions that my art… Read More “Richard Wong, B.C., Canada”

Richard Wong

Donna McGee, Dublin, Ireland

I Just wanted to say thank you very much for the opportunity that you have provided through The Light Space & Time Online Gallery for me to present my work. I cannot tell you how joyous an occasion it is to find that I have been chosen as one of the selected winners… Read More “Donna McGee, Dublin, Ireland”

Donna McGee

Janel Houton, Beverly, MA

I’m thrilled to be included in this month’s Season’s Art Exhibition, as a returning artist, and wanted to thank you for all the good work you do.  It’s so enjoyable to be able to exhibit within the forum you offer-themed, international and monthly exhibits, that are really a fantastic union of global art… Read More “Janel Houton, Beverly, MA”

Janel Houton

Riaz Auladin, Port-Louis, MUT

I just wanted to say these few words as a thank you note for the Honorable Mention Award, that I received for my entry into the CityScapes Painting Competition 2014. It’s great to have such competitions running regularly on your site. It gives us artists the chance to compete on an international level.… Read More “Riaz Auladin, Port-Louis, MUT”

Riaz Auladin

Debi Pickler, St Charles, MO

Thank you for the WEALTH of information regarding how an artist should market themselves. I plan to do all of this and actually doing some now! I was thrilled to find out I came in 4th place in the painting category. I had no idea. Bonus day at the Pickler household!! I just… Read More “Debi Pickler, St Charles, MO”

Debi Pickler

Jasmine Hambling, Australia

Thank you so much for sending me the certificate plus all the awesome additional information and opportunities you have shared in your email! It’s fantastic information which I will be utilizing to improve my art business.  Further more, I am glad the All Women Art Exhibition was such a success for Light Space… Read More “Jasmine Hambling, Australia”

Jasmine Hambling

Louise Parms, Bronx, NY

I can’t thank you enough for the care and thoughtfulness you put into the entire submission/exhibition process for Light Space & Time Gallery and the artists you serve.  Your site and related social media links are very user friendly and offer a rich and rewarding viewing experience on myriad platforms.  The attention you… Read More “Louise Parms, Bronx, NY”

Louise Parms