Artist Testimonials

The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is extremely gratified and rather overwhelmed by the encouraging feedback that we have received from artists all around the world who have participated in our themed online art competitions and online exhibitions.

Since 2010 the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery has encouraged new and emerging artists to enter our themed art competitions, without regards to their experience or education in the art field.

The following is a sampling of some of the positive thoughts and feedback that we have received from our art competition and art exhibition gallery artists.

We cannot say thank you enough for your kind thoughts and words about the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery.  We are glad that you are a part of the gallery!


Nell Dewhirst, Melbourne, AU

John Math’s generosity and dilegence sets artists on track for a better chance of success. Any artist lucky enough to cross paths with John is wiser for it! Best wishes,  Nell Dewhirst –  

Nell Dewhirst

Jan Madill, Portland, Oregon

Hi, John. It’s a pleasure to offer thoughts about your gallery, Light, Space & Time. I had hoped to write earlier, but I’ve been very busy with three juried shows, one of them a solo show, all opening in the first four months of 2011. I suspect that receiving second place in your figurative show may have increased my likelihood of getting these shows.  You have been great to work… Read More “Jan Madill, Portland, Oregon”

Jan Madill

Edie Reed, Rock Springs, WY

Thank you so much for the Special Merit award it is so nice to be recognized. Recently I have started a Facebook page and I plan to make my own website.  Your articles have been very helpful, especially for those of us with no formal training it can be difficult to know where to start.  I am having a lot of fun and that is really what it should be… Read More “Edie Reed, Rock Springs, WY”

Edie Reed

Branka Prokic, Sabac, Serbia

I found the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery while looking to participate in some international art competitions, in the hope of getting recognition for my artwork. I chose your gallery after viewing the beautiful, high quality artworks of your previous exhibitions in the gallery’s archive section. Since my watercolors are mostly inspired by nature, the competition with the theme “Landscapes” was a perfect choice for me. The fact… Read More “Branka Prokic, Sabac, Serbia”

Branka Prokic

Clare McGhee – Scotland

Thank you so much for emailing and I am thrilled to have been given a ‘Special Merit Award’ for my ‘Spear Thistle’ painting. The exhibition is fantastic and there are some truly outstanding entries and it is great to have been included alongside them.  Thank you too for all the material on how to market and promote artwork which will be invaluable to me. It’s great to have such professional… Read More “Clare McGhee – Scotland”

Clare McGhee

Toni Dolan, South Auckland, NZ

First, I`d just like to say that I am very happy and gratified to have to won the recent “Animals” Art Competition. I decided to enter the Light Space & Time competition after receiving a “Certificate of Excellence” at the 2010 Palm Art Awards in Germany. The “Animals” Art Competition was only my second international competition that I ever entered and I have now placed in both competitions!  My only… Read More “Toni Dolan, South Auckland, NZ”

 Toni Dolan

Gillian Smith, Brisbane, Australia

Thanks so much John! I have my first solo show on Aug 6-20 in Brisbane. This painting is my keystone work and the exhibition is titled after it. I will have your award certificate at the gallery with it. I have included your award certificates with previous works when they sold too. The new owners love them too! I have to tell you I have had the best year art wise.… Read More “Gillian Smith, Brisbane, Australia”

Gillian Smith

Jill Rowe, San Diego, CA

I am very pleased to have found the Light Space & Time Online Gallery website. This is an excellent opportunity for both professional and non-professional artists to compete and have their artwork shown online to a wide audience and gain valuable publicity.  The submission process is very simple and user friendly, and the entry fees are quite reasonable. I appreciate the theme-oriented competitions and the challenges they provide. I would… Read More “Jill Rowe, San Diego, CA”

Jill Rowe

Maria Bertolone, Blackpool, UK

Would just like to say how pleased and pleasantly surprised I was to receive your email with the results of the 2015 Seascapes Art Contest, and to have my painting entitled: Hell’s Mouth featured in the Special Recognition Category.  Also, a special thank you, to you and all the judges it must have been an enormous task considering the very high standard of work.  As a new and emerging artist… Read More “Maria Bertolone, Blackpool, UK”

Maria Bertolone

Gill Cox, Kingsbridge, Devon, UK

The day I came across your online Gallery, was a dream came true!. My Astro reading for that day said “Keep your eyes open, for the things you discover will put you firmly in the picture”. Soon after reading that I made my first entry and then I couldn’t believe my eyes to actually receive two ‘Special Recognition’ Awards from my animal contributions!  Although I have painted for 50 years,… Read More “Gill Cox, Kingsbridge, Devon, UK”

Gill Cox

Mai Yap, Miami, FL

Good Morning John:  I just wanted to let you know that by putting the “Honorable Mention” Award Certificate from the Abstracts Art Exhibition next to my abstract painting “Confetti #6”, that it helped me to sell the painting the same day of my solo show opening!   Thank you so much!   Mai Yap –  

Mai Yap

Cynthia Fleury, Eden Prairie, MN

I am very happy to offer a testimonial on Light, Space & Time Gallery. I have had a very positive response to my work and I thank John Math for his encouragement.  I was much honored to receive an honorable mention on my first submission, “Birch Reflections” in Landscapes; and then a 3rd place award for “Rustic Beauty” in Seascapes. The selected works on the site are very professional and… Read More “Cynthia Fleury, Eden Prairie, MN”

Cynthia Fleury