Artist Testimonials

The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is extremely gratified and rather overwhelmed by the encouraging feedback that we have received from artists all around the world who have participated in our themed online art competitions and online exhibitions.

Since 2010 the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery has encouraged new and emerging artists to enter our themed art competitions, without regards to their experience or education in the art field.

The following is a sampling of some of the positive thoughts and feedback that we have received from our art competition and art exhibition gallery artists.

We cannot say thank you enough for your kind thoughts and words about the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery.  We are glad that you are a part of the gallery!


Thank you for the opportunity! I want to congratulate you for setting such a beautiful online gallery which will be a huge platform for artists.  I feel blessed to be… Read more "Lydia Wilson, Michigan"

Lydia Wilson

Dear John - I am really thrilled with these awards. I am now getting more interested in monochrome and I do not always get things right. Thanks to these results I feel a lot more encouraged, so huge gratitude to… Read more "Michael J. Duke, London, UK"

Michael J. Duke

Thank you for considering my application to participate in the competition. I Received all the materials, which you sent to me and a personal certificate too. It's very pleasant. Thank you for your suggestion to personalize it for me. Please enter in the certificate my… Read more "Tata Nikonova, Ukraine"

Tata Nikonova

Thank you John, I would be very pleased to have my name Alicia Beesley and the name of my competition entry "Sphere of Nature" put on a certificate for the Abstracts Art Exhibition. My recent solo art exhibition did… Read more "Alicia Beesley, Dumfriesshire Scotland"

Alicia Beesley

Dear John, Thank you so much. This is such a great honor. I am truly humbled and extremely happy for being included in this featured post on the gallery's Top 10 Abstract Artists to Watch in 2018. I started my art career a few years ago with… Read more "Kajal Zaveri, Bay Area, CA"

Kajal Zaveri

Dear John, I just wanted to thank you so very much for including my work in this online competition and exhibition. I am both honoured and delighted! I look forward to participating in future opportunities and wishing you all the very best… Read more "Annamarie Dzendrowskyj - U.K."

Annamarie Dzendrowskyj

Dear John, Wow, thank you so Very much for your email! I am so surprised that I received an Award Ribbon, and the certificates, which are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for making them so special. That was very unexpected (as… Read more "Carmen Traub, Canada"

Carmen Traub

Hi John, I Spent the day updating our website based on your advice. I was reading an article you wrote on LST about advice on marketing beginning with a website that has all the right things. We're not totally… Read more "Keith Plummer, Oyster Creek, ME"

Keith Plummer

John Math thank you for this great news for me today. Even more touching because the surface I'm working on is a very capricious one because made of crushed stone. (Terraskin is the name). I wish you could see… Read more "Louise Rouleau (L'OR), Québec, Canada"

Louise Rouleau (L'OR)

I understand that you are always very busy, but please let me say a big thank you for everything. I wanted already to write to you right after All Women results, but then I received invitation from ContemporaryArt… Read more "Andrea Varhol, The Netherlands"

Andrea Varhol

Just an update that the sale went through and I delivered the piece this afternoon.  Despite having my own website and social media feeds, the additional exposure through is making a difference in getting my… Read more "Judi Lapsley Miller, Aotearoa, NZ"

Judi Lapsley Miller

John, it is such an honor to be included in LightSpaceTime's competition and exhibition.  What I so appreciate about your work is that you recognize and celebrate the diversity of many styles, subjects, and expressions.  It is always such… Read more "Vincent Isner - Franklin, TN"

Vincent Isner

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