Artist Showcase Section

Artists who are in the Artist Showcase section have been selected from the gallery’s “Solo Art Series “Art Competitions.  Specifically, they are the artists who placed fifth through the twelfth place and have been selected to have their entry package (5 Images, Artist Biography and Artist Statement) displayed and featured in the Artist Showcase Section.

Besides being featured in the Artist Showcase, the 8 artists (chosen from the Solo Art Series) will be promoted to over  350+ major news outlets, with inclusion on Google News & Bing News. In addition, these artists will also be promoted by the gallery to its extensive social media networks.

Prior to this point in time, the gallery featured artists who had previously competed in and had their work shown in the Light Space & Time Online Gallery. Artists who had demonstrated a high degree of artistic talent and skill were showcased along with their art. Through this gallery feature, visitors get to meet, see and begin to understand what motivates these great artists to create their art.

Since we have been holding monthly art competitions, the quality of the art and the talent that has been shown in these exhibitions continually amazes us.

Please take the time to read these artist showcases features, as it will help you to develop a sense and understanding of these artists as people and the meaning behind their wonderful and creative art. Thank you.