Animals Art Exhibition – Special Merit Category

Animals 2014 Online Art Exhibition - Special Merit CategoryThe art which was selected for the Special Merit Category is any art that we believe could have also been placed in the top tier of the entries selected for the various media categories. The only reason that this art was not selected for the top tier was due to the size constraints of this particular competition. Otherwise, the Special Merit art, in many cases, is interchangeable with any of the best art that we selected elsewhere.

The Special Merit awards are being selected from both media categories. We have always stated that we thought that there were many entries in this category that could easily be considered for the top tier and this is our way to recognize these artists, along with their outstanding art.

All winning entries will now be featured on the Light Space & Time website for the month of August 2014 and thereafter, the artworks and the links to the artist’s websites will remain online in the Light Space & Time Archives. Congratulations to our artists who made our 4th Annual “Animals” Art Exhibition so successful this month. At any time, we invite our winners and other interested visitors to link their websites to the Gallery’s archive page for further ongoing promotion.

The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery will have “Animals” Award Certificates, Event Postcard, Event Catalogue and Press Releases sent to you within the next week or so. Thank you for being part of the gallery.

Below are the artists who have been recognized in the Special Merit Award Category and below that listing is the Slide Show for all of the artists in the Special Merit category. To return to the Animals Home Page here.

Carrie Alderfer – “Those Eyes” –

Ed Anderson – “Devotion” –

Karen Bockus  – “Moo” –

Pam Borrelli – “Not in Kansas Anymore” –

Pam Borrelli – “Oscar” –

Shaoqiang Chen – “Fairyland of Crane and Reeds” – Artist Website

Mary Churchill-Nash – “Purple and Blue” –

Jacqueline Clarisse -“Obie Deerhound – Greyhound of Ireland” – Website

Megan Cohen – “Zane the Dane” –

Jean Cormier – “Six Birds” –

Jean Cormier – “Bengal” –

Jane Cowles – “Pucci Salamander” –

Eva Csanyi-Hurskin – “Sulphur Crested Cockatoo” –

Christophe Drochon – “Magnificence of Former Days” –

Renard Elisabeth – “Ocelot” –

Roxanne Fawcett – “‘Rooster Tails” –

Gail Foster – “Foxy Love” –

Lea Foster – “Grace on the Water” –

Sandy Friedkin – “Feed Me First” – Artist Website

Tatiana Frolova – “Young Orangutan” – Artist Website

Joeallen Gibson – “Here Fishy Fishy” –

Gemma Gylling – “Animal Totem; Cougar and the Cloud Spirits” – Website

Eileen Hale – “Starr” –

Charles Hezsely – “Can I Have Your Food?” – Artist Website

Kerri Hobba – “Jordie” –

Vickie Hollar – “A Mother’s Love” – Artist Website

Lisa Holley – “Osprey, Packing a Lunch” –

Tim Jensen – “Flowery Expression” –

Tim Jensen – “Sweet Spirit” –

Ron Kendall – “Blue Eyed Cat” –

EG Kight – “Baaad to the Bone” –

Kathleen Knust – “Downward Yoga Cat” –

Terry Kruse – “Benny” –

Terry Kruse – “The Bear and the Butterfly” –

Lindsey Kustusch – “Calling” –

William Leung – “Running Star” –

Kristina Lishawa – “Memoirs of Majesty” –

Jacquie Lolich – “Lion” –

Frances Marino – “Not a Cloud In the Sky” –

Susan McCulley – “Young Zebra” –

Teresa Miro – “Untitled” –

Jenny Moed-Korpela – “Evening lookout” –

Melinda Moore – “We Care, Do You?” –

Sandy Moser – “Loon Dance” –

Kate Nicholson – “Freya” –

Jason O’Ceannobháin – “Gentle Drift” – 

Louise Parms – “Three Koi in a Fountain” –

Phyllis Pastore – “Neighborhood Watch” –

Patrick Pierson – “Planet Zootopia: The Sentinels” –

Phil Prentice – “The Pride” –

Michael Rados – “Zebra” –

Kristi Richter – “Hot” –

Kristin Roberts – “Bridled II” –

Meaghan Roberts – “Cheetah Family” –

Tom Saffle – “Deer Mount” –

Nuntanut Sathityatiwat – “Tango” –

Shannon Schmidt – “Black Sheep” –

Niloufar Sharifi – “Fly with Us” –

Joel Sobelson – “Zebra in Repose” –

Sarah Soward  – “The Yawn (Tiger)” –

Debra Spence – “Majestic” –

Annette Standing – “Spirit” –

Janette Stiles – “Canis Lupus” –

Cynthia Streit Mazzaferro – “Into the Light” –

Robert Teeling – “Cheetah Kill” –

Lewis Issac Testa – “Hawkeye” –

Toni Lynn Trottier – “What do You Mean – How Now Brown Cow?”  – Website

Charles Wallis – “The Grackles Are Coming” –

Lisa Walraven – “Crane Cluster – Sandhill Cranes” –

Nancy Walters – “In The Eyes Of A Jaguar” –

Kathryn Weisberg – “Serengeti Sunset” –

Julian Wheat – “Intrigue” –

Marti White – “Butterfly Dream” –

Nancy Wolitzer – “Nikki” –

Jean Yedkois – “Spoonbills Nesting” –