Animals Art Exhibition - Overall Category

The Overall Winning Artists Category consists of the 10 Best Entries received from the 2 media categories of the Painting & Other Category and the Photography & Digital Category.

All winning artists will now be featured on the Light Space & Time website for the month of December 2015 and thereafter, the artworks and links to the artist’s websites will remain online in the Light Space & Time Archives. Congratulations to our artists who made our 5th Annual “Animals” Art Exhibition so successful this month. At any time, we invite our winners and other interested visitors to link their websites to the Gallery’s archive page for further ongoing promotion.

The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery will have digital “Animals” Award Certificates, Event Postcard, Event Catalogue and Press Releases sent to you within the next week or so. Thank you for being part of the gallery. To return to the Animals Home Page here.

1st Place – Overall - Frances Tyler – “The Herd”

Frances Tyler has over twenty years of experience as an advertising, art and design professional. She earned a Bachelor of Science, Communications; Advertising from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Frances has always enjoyed art and design. From an early age she loved to create beautiful things, often drawing her inspiration from nature. Her work is often colorful, energetic and includes strong graphic elements, influenced by her background as an Art Director and Graphic Designer. She works in many mediums including watercolor, acrylics, sculpture, mixed media, illustration and drawing.

An active member of the local arts community, Frances belongs to several Art and Professional organizations. She is a Certified GOLDEN Artist Educator.

Frances states this about her artistic journey, "I’m known for my curious nature and short attention span. Using those attributes to my advantage, I explore and experiment with many different mediums while focusing on subjects that I love. I’m always trying new techniques and striving to grow as an artist and instructor. I happily share my boundless enthusiasm for art and discovery with my students.

My work tends to be representational but I try to capture the spirit of a subject rather than a “snapshot.” Currently, much of my work is centered on raising awareness and protecting endangered and threatened species. My goal with each of these paintings is for the viewer to form an emotional connection and an appreciation of the animal’s importance.

While my artwork and interests vary widely, my conservation and community efforts are nearest to my heart."

2nd Place – Ken Frischkorn – “The Stare”

Ken Frischkorn is a self-taught wildlife photographer.  For him photography started as a hobby and a way to share his love of nature and wildlife. With the encouragement of his wife and after retiring from the United States Army, photography became more of a passion. Today he would say he is an advanced amateur photographer.

His photographs and artwork have been in exhibited at Gallery One Ellleven in Leesville, Louisiana, Tom Peyton Memorial Art Festival in Alexandria, Louisiana, Alexandria Museum of Art in Alexandria, Louisiana and the Natchitoches Art Guild & Gallery in Natchitoches, Louisiana. He and his wife had a two-person show at Gallery One Ellleven in Leesville, Louisiana; all the photographs in that show were taken at the Alexandria Zoo in Alexandria, Louisiana.

For Ken Frischkorn the intensity of a stare from a Clouded Leopard to the feeding frenzy of a flock of Cedar Waxwings, his passion, and understanding of the natural world comes through in his photographs. His wildlife photography attempts to capture their personality and grace, both in the wild and in zoos. His deep respect and appreciation of all living things as well as his attention to detail helps to bring his subjects to the forefront.

Ken Frischkorn lives and works in New Llano, Louisiana. 

3rd Place – Debra Spence – “Grace Underwater”

Debra Spence lives on Scotland Island in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. Although having had a love of drawing since childhood, it was only in 2012 that, encouraged by family and friends, she decided to concentrate on developing her skills to see what was possible.

This journey started with acrylics, but soon she discovered the vibrant, dusty world of pastels. In 2013, Debra exhibited her work for the first time, winning the People’s Choice Award at the Lane Cove Art Show. Since then she has been selected in several highly regarded juried exhibitions including the Sydney Royal Easter Show, the Hunters Hill Art Show and achieved 6th place in the highly competitive American Art Awards (Animal Realism).

Her major achievement in 2015 has been to be included in the “selected, not hung” category of the prestigious David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year Award.

Through social media and her website, Debra's work is now being recognized and is collected in the USA, UK, Africa, New Zealand and Australia. She also regularly donates her artwork to wildlife conservation and animal protection campaigns.

Debra's main love is wildlife and her preferred style is realism. She states:

“My work is not simply an attempt to depict creatures in a realistic style; it is meant to examine the beauty within each one and bring that passion onto the surface of the paper”.

4th Place – Maureen Kirk-Detberner – “Show Ready”

Maureen finds inspiration in photographing the interactions between humans, animals and the desert. With the serenity of the Sonoran Desert as her backdrop Maureen enjoys taking photos both domestic and wild equines.

Taking photos since her high school days, Maureen has documented the lives of her children, family, and friends in photos. In 2009, after taking thousands of photos and attending many photography classes, Maureen decided to go pro. She started FastWinn Photography which is named after her Arabian Horse Winn.

Maureen enjoys combining her love of horses and the desert by taking photographs of the rare Colonial Spanish horses, the wild horses of the Salt River Basin, portraits of people with their horses and pets, and the landscape of the Sonoran Desert.

Maureen’s photos have appeared in the Arizona Daily Star, Yankee Peddler, Schmap Tucson Guide, Wikipedia, SAAG Gallery, Tohono Chul Park's Gallery and Toscana Studio and Gallery to name a few. The Livestock Breeds Conservancy named Maureen's photo of two Spanish Barb Mares as their 2011 Photo of the year. Maureen's other awards include international recognition in Light Space & Time's All Women Art Exhibition in April 2014. Her digital art image titled "No Passing" received 2nd Place in the Photography & Digital Category and 5th place in the Overall Winning Artists Category. View Maureen's images on her website at

Maureen is expanding her photography work with digital art. By adding layers of texture and combining several photographs, Maureen creates art with a unique style. Her most recent work is shown here. This image is of three sisters taking a break during a photo session. It is titled "Ready."

Maureen Kirk-Detberner and her husband share their home in the desert with three horses, two dogs, one cat and four chickens.

5th Place – Robert Teeling – “Lazy Leopard”

Robert Teeling, is a professional artist based in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. He was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1964 to Irish immigrant parents.

Robert’s passion for art and specifically wildlife art started at a very young age.  He is mainly a self-taught artist and his works grace the walls of many homes and galleries around the world.

Robert achievements to date include:

  • 2 paintings were finalists in the BBC International Wildlife Artist of the Year 2013
  • “Kudu Bulls” was featured as a finalist in the International Artist Magazine Wildlife Competition 2014.
  • “Impisi” selected as a finalist in the David Shepherd International Wildlife Artist 2015

Robert is constantly looking for inspiration and reference material to ensure that he captures the real and natural beauty of his subjects. As well as continuing with his wildlife art, he has found inspiration in the people and places of Ireland.

6th Place – Kathy Russell – “Mom & Babe”

Kathy Russell grew up in and around Washington DC. She started shooting photos in the early 80's of hardcore punk bands. Kathy continued with photography over the years, but now her subjects are equines and the birds & wildlife in the mountains where I am now. When she moved to this area, her goal was to get her best shots of every species of bird and mammal that she saw on her property.

Kathy has never had any "formal" training in photography. “I've always loved painting but was never very good at it. I would get ideas that never seemed to come out on a canvas. I found my outlet when I learned more about the digital art side of photography. Mixing my images together or layering them with textures. Some works have had over a hundred layers to them. I use a lot of brushwork to blend and combine images together in many instances. Which brings in the love I had for painting. My work does wander to the surreal and whimsical side at times, but always come back to or includes the animals.”

Kathy continues her thoughts, “I've never done my work professionally. Dealing with some disabilities I have not taken my work to that step. I love what I do. I become absorbed in each image that I work on. If I don't feel that wonder of seeing where an image will go right away, it usually turns out a mess. I've learned to scratch those and move on to the next. Something usually comes up that will take me back to those photos, to try again. I have been honored to do well in equine and wildlife contests, along with being published in some online magazines.” - Artist's Website 

7th Place – Diana Licon – “Wolf”

Diana's passion for art started at an early age under the direction of her fine artist and mentor, father. Her admiration of nature began at the family-owned almond ranch in the country near Paso Robles, California, where she lived the majority of her maturing years. She graduated from Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo as an art major.

She was active in painting, drawing and mixed media until her husband suffered a critical injury which stopped her from pursuing her dreams.

She started to become inspired by a new spiritual energy, however, and in 2014 began to paint again with a passion. Diana has shown her current work at a number of Northern California art centers and galleries, often winning awards.

Diana's art is figurative realism. She often paints with acrylic as an underlayer and oil as a finish layer over the acrylic. Most of her paintings are thus being completed twice. She enjoys both mediums and their benefits.

Diana's spiritually impacts her art, and she wishes to translate this into every. Canvas by telling a story with color. Every brush stroke is a manifestation of her deeply rooted spirituality and emotion in the beauty that surrounds her life.

8th Place – Natalie Raffield – “Late Fall”

Natalie was born in South Africa and now lives in Colorado. She travels regularly to Ghana in West Africa, where my mining engineer husband works.

In 2009 she obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Digital Arts from Red Rocks Community College. She divides her work between photography and painting and with her preferred subject matter of wildlife and people. She recently completed a series of Ghanaian market scene paintings based on her photography and a series of elephant paintings based on a recent photo safari in Botswana.

In 2004 she was one of nineteen Ducks Unlimited artists to have their work printed and sold in aid of Canadian wetland conservation, along with many other awards.

She supports the Southern Tanzania Elephant Project, the Bogoso Women’s Group for prevention of Breast cancer and the Artists for Conservation.

9th Place – Steve Hamlin – “American Bulldog, Casper”

A native New Englander, Steve Hamlin has lived in western Massachusetts most of his life. For the past thirty years, he and wife Linda have lived in the tiny rural community of Huntington in the eastern foothills of the Berkshires.

Hamlin has painted since childhood, until recently always in watercolor. Over the past year or so, he has also worked extensively in graphite and experimented with acrylics and pastels. Mostly self-taught, Hamlin has been influenced by many artists, both contemporary and deceased. Among them are Winslow Homer, Arthur Guptill, John Pike, Frank Rynes and Mike Sibley. Hamlin’s work reflects three life-long passions: nature, history, and architecture.

Steve Hamlin’s work has been in group and solo shows throughout the Northeast, notably the Bennington (VT) Center for the Arts, the Salmagundi Club, the National Art League, the CT Academy of Fine Arts and shows of the New England Watercolor Society. This year, his work was included in the Art of the Animal Kingdom show at the Bennington Center for the Arts (for the sixth consecutive year), and in the Art and the Animal show – the annual exhibition of the Society of Animal Artists – at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute in Jamestown New York.

Hamlin’s work may be viewed at his website: He teaches regularly at the Museum School in Springfield Massachusetts.

10th Place – Kathryn Hansen – “A Paws in Time”

Southern California artist, Kathryn Hansen received her BFA degree in studio arts from the University of Stevens Point, Wisconsin in 1983. She went on to study art at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, the Associates of Art in Sherman Oaks, California and studied under Margo Lennartz in La Crescenta, California.

It's been a very natural journey for her to blend her love and devotion of animals with her passion for art, as they have both been powerful forces in her life since childhood and a never-ending source of inspiration in her art.

Light, textures, spirit, and emotions are the foundation of her work, which she feels are best expressed through the simplicity of the pencil. Using high contrast and textural variations achieve not only a likeness but adds a richness and depth to each drawing by stripping the subject matter down to it's very basics. 

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