All Photography Art Exhibition – Overall Category

All Photography 2014 Art Exhibition - Overall Winning Artist CategoryThe Overall Winning Category consists of the 10 Best images that the gallery for the 3rd Annual “All Photography” Art Competition. 

All of the winners will now be featured on the Light Space & Time website for the month of February 2014 and thereafter, the artworks and links to the artist’s websites will remain online in the Light Space & Time Archives. Congratulations to our artists who made our “All Photography” Art Exhibition so successful this month. At any time, we invite our winners and other interested visitors to link their websites to the Gallery’s archive page for further ongoing promotion.

The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery will have “All Photography” Award Certificates, Event Postcard, Event Catalogue and Press Releases sent to you within the next week or so. Thank you for being part of the gallery.  To return to the All Photography Art Exhibition Page.

1st Place – Terry Pellmar – “Dune Fences”

Terry Pellmar is a Maryland based Digital Artist, striving to capture the magic of the world around her, whether she is walking in the local park or traveling the world. Her serious interest in art and photography started with her first 35 mm SLR and a friend’s darkroom while she was a student.

A career in science put her artistic pursuits on hold. After retirement, she discovered that darkrooms were things of the past and she immersed herself in the new digital approaches. She enjoys playing with light and using digital techniques to transform her photographs and reveal her vision.

Terry states this about her works, “In my artwork, I strive to capture the magic I see in the world around me. A photograph is usually my starting point, but with digital techniques, I transform the original picture to reveal a different view – my vision.”

2nd Place – Heather Buckley – “Bighton Fringe”

Heather Buckley was first inspired by the photographic process by attending a black and white, darkroom evening class, with a view to building up a portfolio to apply to do a degree in Graphic Design. That was over two decades ago. She now has a 1st Class honors in Graphic Design, an MA in Digital Media and a thriving training business, which she founded with her husband in 1999. She now has 15 years of digital marketing experience under her belt too.

Since those first days in the darkroom, photography has remained her true passion. She is particularly interested in the photographic process and how it has evolved, the transition from print to digital media. Heather says this about her art, “It’s not just the process that has changed; the industry is still undergoing a radical transformation in the way we access, view and share imagery. Her interest is in the context of the medium in the digital world.”  Heather is currently writing a book on photography and marketing.

3rd Place – Shoayb Khattab – “Golden Shadows”

Shoayb Hesham Khattab is a young Iraqi Photographer living in the UAE where he started his journey through the world of Photography and developed his skills in its different types. He was attracted to the different kinds of art from his childhood and especially in drawing, which got him many prizes at that time.

His gateway into the world of photography was via his degree in Architecture at Ajman University. He then progressed from architectural photography to various types of digital work, since that time he realized the relationship between him and his camera.

Shoayb is interested in most types of photography but he spends most of his time in his favorite type which is in aerial photography, as this provides a unique perspective to see the things around and to discover new angles which give a totally new vision to see the world as never seen before.

4th Place – John H. Hughey – “Out of the Mist”

John H. Hughey, an artist of diversified mediums, entered photography in 1970 under the direction of Michael P. Smith in New Orleans following academic study as a painter/sculptor.  After leaving New Orleans in 1973 and moving to Denver, he began involvement in the field of commercial photography.  In 1977, John returned to the field of fine art.  He moved to the Northwest in 1980, settling in the Puget Sound region.

In the early 1980’s he developed an interest in letterform and pursued calligraphy and related arts.  In 1988 John devoted time to a comprehensive study under the calligrapher Reggie Ezell from Chicago.  Presently he divides his time between his camera work, calligraphy and his trade as a picture framer from which he retired after 30 years. 

John’s photography has been in exhibit throughout the country in galleries and museums and is in public collections in King County (Washington), Oregon Health Sciences and the city of Hekinan, Japan through a Sister City program along with private collections.

5th Place – Melinda Moore – “Old Salt”

Melinda Moore resides in Palm Beach Gardens Florida but has spent much of her life traveling and living abroad, with her camera as her constant companion. Observation of people and nature has been her lifelong fascination and she started capturing moments in split second clicks when just eighteen years old. With the new digital age, her vision has expanded, she enjoys adding personal, slightly surreal alternative techniques, using texture montage and composite.

Melinda states the following, ”Light is the essence of spirit in it’s purest form, so it is a key ingredient in my art. A fleeting expression, a bird taking wing, clouds, and sea; everything is transient and everything is permanent when captured by the camera. My desire is to bring a certain soulfulness to my work that engages the viewer.”

Since 2008 when she began exhibiting her work she has received many awards, exhibited in universities, museums and is in many private collections. She was recently was invited to join the National Association of Women Artists.

6th Place – Susan Werby – “Together Forever”

Susan Werby is a Photographic Artist raised in Boston, Massachusetts and is currently residing in Virginia. Originally, Susan was trained in the medical field and later she returned to her true passion of Photography and Art.

Today, Susan examines the world around her, merging Photography and Art, using the photograph as her “canvas”, while applying textures and colors to create a story. She strives to take the viewer with her to a magical world, allowing one to step in and look around.

Some of Susan’s work can be seen here: “Faded Memories”- cover art of CD on Record Label Bomba Records. “Golden Fairytale” The book cover art of soon-to-be-released Slavery’s Exiles: The Story of the American Maroons by Sylviane Diouf. Her website is

7th Place – Darrell L Privott – “Fumming Blue Devils”

Darrell Privott, is a hardworking, serious, creative, Artist and Photographer. Since grade school when he was old enough to hold a camera in his hands, he has been learning the delicate and fine art of capturing life at the moment.

To Darrell, his art expressed this way, “Many of these moments or, ”slices of life”, as I like to refer to them are of an intrinsic and indispensable quality. My ability as an artist to capture time, as well as showcasing an object, subject or theme can be described as true craftsmanship.”

He goes on to state, “I extract the essence of the many nuances in my photographs so the”slices of life” can be uniquely captured. I have a keen eye for detail and a distinctive understanding of advanced editing techniques, along with artistic ingenuity that unites to create unique photographs. I truly enjoy life and creating art.”

8th Place – Laurie McCormick – “Cuban Cool”

Laurie McCormick, an award-winning Fine Art and Travel Photographer from California.  Laurie has had her images published both in the U.S. and abroad in various periodicals, magazines and International Blogs such as F-STOP Magazine, Photographer’s Forum Magazine, Exposure Magazine, Lenscratch Blog, 591 Photography Blog, le journal de la Photographie Blog, Shante Arts, etc. In addition, Laurie has had the honor of having her photographs juried into Exhibits at various Galleries throughout the US including The Center of Fine Art Photography, A Smith Gallery, Sylvia White Gallery, Artspace Gallery, 1650 Gallery, Vermont Photo Space Gallery, Darkroom Gallery, L.A. Center for Digital Art, Thomas Robertello Gallery, etc.

Laurie has also had her work juried into numerous Online Galleries such as; Still Point Art Gallery, Texas Photographic Society, Photography’s Masters Cup, The Spider Awards, Worldwide Photography Gala Awards, TeraBella Media, and Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery.

Many of McCormick’s images have received Honorable Mentions & Awards such as First Place and Third Place and her images have been published in over 25 books from various Galleries.

9th Place – Eric Demattos – “Reminent”

Eric Demattos is an artist working on his master’s degree at the University of Idaho. Eric states this about his art, “Ever since I can remember I have loved to create. It seemed like magic when you took something that you could only see in your head and make it real. A blank canvas had the amazing ability to be turned into vibrant colors and burn with emotion. A camera could capture the patterns and shadows only seen for an instant. Art to me is the most magical things in existence.” 

Eric continues his thoughts, “My pieces explore the residue rather than the artifact. It comes from my belief that the residue is authentic, and honest whereas the artifact can often be purported and contrived. It stems from the conviction that authenticity does not lie at the surface but is hidden under layers.”

Finally, Eric concludes, “Exploration begins with a search, fueled by the desire to find meaning. My search most often ends in an empty, abandoned space. Together with space and I collaborate to create a narrative. Space provides the beginning of a story and allows me to build onto it. As the viewer, you are invited to add meaning and continue in the dialog.”

10th Place – Deborah Kozura – “Winter Day in Yellowstone”

Deborah Kozura is an award-winning Fine Art Photographer, residing in Charlottesville, Virginia. Deborah considers herself an eager student of photography, as she is always striving to find new and various ways in which to showcase the beauty found in our surroundings.

She is a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography. Deborah continues to further her education by attending numerous workshops and seminars given by some of the world’s greatest photographers.

She currently is affiliated with the NANPA, Charlottesville Camera Club and the Charlottesville Photography Initiative.  She has been a part of many group exhibitions and has also had several solo exhibitions as well.