Figurative Art Exhibition - Overall Category

The Overall Winning Artists Category consists of the 10 Best Entries received from the 3 media categories of the Painting & Other Category, the Photography & Digital Category and the 3D Media Category.

All winning artists will now be featured on the Light Space & Time website for the month of July 2016 and thereafter, the artworks and links to the artist’s websites will remain online in the Light Space & Time Archives.

Congratulations to our artists who made our 6th Annual “Figurative” Art Exhibition so successful this month. At any time, we invite our winners and other interested visitors to link their websites to the Gallery’s archive page for further ongoing promotion.

The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery will have digital “Figurative” Award Certificates, Event Postcard and Press Releases sent to you within the next week or so. Thank you for being part of the gallery. To return to the Figurative Home Page here.

1st Place - Jill Harrison - "David"

Jill studied Graphic Design after leaving school in the 1970's but now lives on a small Scottish croft where her art has taken a different more organic turn.

Having reared a small flock of Hebridean and Shetland sheep she works their beautiful fleeces into unique works of art unlike the usual felted pieces that one sees these images are loosely layered and placed onto a baseboard and then compressed underneath glass which gives an ethereal and more painterly effect that can be achieved from wet or needle felted work.

Although Jill makes her art from the inspiration that comes from her natural surroundings she is also intrigued with the human face and all the emotions that it shows, therefore, she has 'painted' with wool the portraits of many a beautiful visage and has also been commissioned to make many wool portraits for private clients.

2nd Place - Vince Isner - "Sudanese Sheikh"

As a student of the fine arts, Vincent’s compositions and lighting are inspired by Renaissance and Baroque painting masters as well as Yousuf Karsh and other photographic masters of the 20th century.

He writes, “I use my camera to create life-affirming beauty.  I frequently choose the nude not only because is it the supreme challenge, but because the idealized human form is an incomparable expression of beauty that merges body, mind, and spirit.” Vincent's character-rich portraiture ranges from authors and members of Congress to national religious leaders and African tribal elders”.

“Describing his style Vincent notes, “A photojournalist captures the world as it is. A photographic artist creates a world as he wishes it to be. It begins with a love of people and of beauty and culminates with an image that conveys a deeper message. The camera plays a role, but it is only part of a larger, extraordinary journey.”

3rd Place - Teresa Chlapowski - "Emmanuelle’s Mask"

Teresa had worked as a knitwear designer for many decades, so it’s not surprising that texture, the human form, and color have always been her obsession. After various life changes and the desire to create her own ‘Art’ took over, Having started with ceramics, Teresa then discovered glass and fell in love with this amazing, alchemic medium.

Glass illuminates the form from within, giving transparency, reflection and depth to a sculpture, an alternative universe of just light and shadows, yet still very solid. Teresa now uses a variety of techniques; fusing, casting in the kiln and sand casting in a hot glass studio and combines glass with ceramics and photography. 

Teresa is inspired by ancient art and archaeology, fascinated by how ancient artifacts can still resonate today. Travelling and new cultures have expanded her view of the world of art and her love of graffiti and the surreal lets her explore what’s beyond the obvious. Continually questioning the essence of what it is to be human, Teresa explores this by using images that challenge the viewer to address this for themselves and make the discovered emotion their own. 

Teresa has taken glass master classes with Max Jacquard and Colin Reid and sand cast glass at University for the Creative Arts, and at the University of Hertfordshire, in the UK. Teresa has shown at the Mall Galleries in London, various group exhibitions and galleries in the UK, as well as shown her work at the International Festival of Glass in Stourbridge (UK). In 2015, She won third place in the SUWA Garasuno-Sato Glass prize for excellence and her piece ‘Modern Saint’ will be shown in Japan in 2016.

4th Place – Penny Crichton-Seager - "Mischief"

Penny Crichton-Seager lives in Poole, on the beautiful and inspiring Dorset Coast of Southern England. She was lucky to be a gifted artist as a child and even luckier to be able to make a career out of such a fickle mistress.

Gaining her Honours Degree, with Distinction, at Art College in Liverpool, she began working predominantly in pen & ink or graphite, but over the years taught herself the extraordinary vibrant wonder of color. For many years, she worked in the commercial world, doing all sorts of wonderful artistic jobs, from making & performing with marionettes, designing award-winning Greeting Cards, sculpting for major Gift Companies, to designing prestigious Enamel Boxes and even clocks for Royal Doulton.

She now focuses on figurative work, mostly watercolor portraiture, but as a teacher (as well as a commissioned artist) she is proud of the fact that she can use any material and practice any technique. She enjoys demonstrations and workshops for local Art Societies and has exhibited several times over the last few years.

She was a finalist for Artist of the Year 2015 (Artists & Illustrators, exhibiting in London’s Mall Galleries) and has also recently gained a Special Merit Award for her landscape in Light, Space and Time’s Online Art Gallery.

She has 5 children, the latest being 5-year-old twins, four cats, one gorgeous husband, and a very happy life.

5th Place - Catherine King - "One Peso Portrait"

Catherine King describes her artistic journey, “My goal is to engage my viewer’s imaginations, getting them to linger a little longer picking out a detail or a story in one of my pieces. First and foremost the reason I create is to tell a story. I have never produced a piece called “untitled” as the title must be the artist’s first clue to the message in a piece”.

“Every day I venture into an imaginative and aware world, where the smallest thing may trigger what I’ve come to accept as my overactive imagination. ‘Personal projects’ are particularly powerful and revealing, and my images often evolve in a series, which naturally stretch and embellish a concept”.

“These pieces all start from behind the lens of a camera (DSLR or mobile), and elements to tell a story are collected and composited digitally using Photoshop and a wide variety of image manipulating software programs. Life for me revolves around the joyous, playful, intense, intentional, and relentless creative process”.

6th Place - Tuğba Hacısüleymanoğlu - "Crash"

After completing a degree in business Administration and in Finance, and a subsequent professional career in this field, Tuğba Hacısüleymanoğlu decided to pursue her childhood passion for painting beyond just a hobby. In doing so she has successfully set up Art & Design Atelier by Tuğba Hacısüleymanoğlu.

Since the very first stroke of the brush; she believed techniques and colors do not limit the outpouring of the feelings, and she can elucidate a lot in her arts with a silent tone.

During this period she practiced different techniques with the help of artistic education. She has taken “Mixed Media Painting” class at University of Arts London/Central Saint Martins and had both solo and group exhibitions. Some of her paintings are used for big hotel projects.

Today, she carries traces of patterns and textures of fissuration and fractures creating a breaking up imagery that discloses powerful emotions to her abstract and figurative paintings.

Tuğba states the following about her art, “I see my paintings as an effort to elucidate all the emotions that people already possess, with my own individuality and uniqueness, and by the same strength that all those emotions make me feel. “

7th Place - durga Garcia - "Spotted Walker"

Named "People Photographer of the year 2014" by the Latin American Museum of Contemporary Photography.  durga Garcia, is an internationally acknowledged working photographer, earning numerous awards from major competitions, most recently the "Timeless Award" Miami, the "Master's Award" Italy, First Place at the Hilton Head Biennial and Best in Show at the Contemporary Art Gallery.

durga exhibits her work internationally and Art magazines have featured durga’s work, recently in the Italian “Art Tour International” May 2016 page 98-99 and Back cover; Australia's “Extraordinary Vision” May 2016, page 112 and England’s “Inside Artists” out late 2016.

durga Garcia’s work hangs in private homes and the permanent collections of the South Nevada Museum of Art; Center of Fine Art Photography; International Museum of Digital Art; & Latin American Museum of Contemporary Photography.

8th Place - Dan Pyle - "And Nowhere to Go"

With virtually no formal art training, Dan has been drawing since childhood. His international award winning charcoal drawings have been domestically exhibited in gallery shows in Palm Springs, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Santa Ana, Pasadena, Long Beach, New York, Provincetown, and West Hollywood. Dan has also begun cultivating international clients in Canada and as far away as Australia and Malaysia and is now represented in Europe by a network of galleries.

A 23 piece collection of his work has been permanently installed in the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, as part of their impressive commercial art collection. Dan’s drawings have also been published in multiple art magazines & books, both domestically and internationally.

Black and white photography has been a strong influence in Dan’s work and he shoots his own photos to work from, which he edits & uses to compose is drawings. He loves contrast, shadows, unconventional cropping and using negative space in his work. His talent exhibits a relentless eye for detail and realism.

9th Place - Thalie Bonnet-Vernet - "Miserere"

The following is a statement from Michel Bénard, Winner of the French Academy,   “In simple look works of Thalie B. Vernet I immediately understood that I was looking at the work of a particularly gifted photographer.”

“We were far from conventional pictures and beaten path, the strength that came from his photographs was quite unusual. Far from the ordinary often bland and soulless, without poetry, without emotion.”

“Note that it is a requirement to her uncompromising, but also very strict with his men and women models. To the physical and psychological exhaustion.”

“Her vision is to respond to his sensitivity, his emotions under its personal intuition laden with a singular poetic and unusual climate as much, moving, where the body becomes an open book, a secret between light and shadow. Enigmatic duality!”

“Thalie B. Vernet is a perpetual revolt core, a chronic anti-conformism from the surrounding world, to man in particular kind of large predator disconcerting that yet it idealizes in his photographic work, as it aspires to be male beauty without artifice in opposition to that of the woman too often exploited as a consumer product support. Macho act very demeaning!

However if the man is omnipresent in the work of Thalie B. Vernet, her research in women's ethereal beauty, its underlying mystery, its delicate lines, tapered such that reminder Ophelia symbolizing beauty, inaccessibility, and death in a mysterious romance. The woman will always remain a question.”

“The body for Thalie B. Vernet must exhale all its poetry, its tear, his pain, his difficulty of living in a permanent struggle.  Here the meaning of the body is a palpable evocation, but also that of its stigma.”

“As expressed so well the art historian Nathalie Lescop-Boeswillwald our photographer visual "unconsciously or not Initiates a symbolic human duality, absolute fortune into his fears, his errors, his faults."

“When I look at a work of Thalie B. Vernet I am filled with the evocative and aesthetic beauty altogether extraordinary, a personalized beauty and high composition. The body submits or surrenders it tears or gives tenderness, love suggested but hardly noticeable”.

“It is indeed a work to look through the prism of reflection, questioning, without losing sight of this ongoing quest for absolute rebellious. It seems that in her revolt, her injury probably, Thalia. B. Vernet would return to love, humanity, its original meaning, she dreams of restoring the body of the speech its supreme expression.  She hopes probably the magic of the image and a fugitive shot to transfigure an ideal of purity, which of the body revealed in its reality.”

10th Place - Lois Smith - "Good Guy - Black Hat"

Color is a passion for Lois Smith, weaving a tapestry, giving life to lifeless structures and an eternal glow to all that lives. It is what she sees as she gazes across the Nebraska landscape that she loves and it is what draws her to painting in watercolor. The expressive style incorporated into a painting by Lois has developed and evolved over time. The vivid pigment is applied, one stroke at a time, flowing free, discovering nuances of organic nature that send their messages to the viewer. The subject matter is diverse and ever-changing.

Guided by inspiration from her creative Grandmother, Lois explored watercolor at a two-week course in experimental painting with Douglas Walton at Louisiana Technical University. Her journey continued at workshops with national artists, Christopher Schink, Nita Leland, Frank Webb, Tony Couch, Doug Dawson, and Zoltan Szabo while she reached out to be influenced by regional artists at every opportunity available. Her art education evolved from day to day, year to year, not in a school but in life.

Teaching art and watercolor classes to individuals is a joy for Lois. She is excited to see the artistic growth in after-school students as their skills increase over the years while monthly sessions with pre-school children at the Columbus Public Library are a favorite art activity. She has served as an extended learning, watercolor instructor through Central Community College, Platte Campus and will be returning to the Norfolk Art Center in Norfolk, NE this fall to teach her love of watercolor.

Her paintings are shown through the Red Path Gallery in Seward, NE and Wildwood Historic Center in Nebraska City, NE. In 2015, Lois was awarded the "All Nebraska Artist" Award by the Nebraska State Fair and the Volunteer Service Award by the City of Columbus honoring her art support to the city. Lois is humbled to have won awards in state, regional, national and international competitions and honored to have her work included in collections across America. Most recently, the Columbus Community Hospital purchased one of her watercolor landscapes to welcome people into the main lobby.

Lois and her husband Red, (Howard) make their home in Columbus, NE where they love the company of their children and grandchildren and remain close to lakes that provide Red the opportunity to fish and Lois to the paint.....of course!


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